Indeed Your Network is Your Net Worth

Published on: December 8, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Indeed Your Network is Your Net worth
Indeed Your Network is Your Net worth

Recently, there was a heated argument on this topic after a wealthy Nigerian celebrity made a statement on his Instagram page that your network is more important than the money you have in your account. A lot of people disagreed with his assertion while very few agreed. After going through people's comments on the said topic I realized some people concluded he was wrong without thinking deeply. I was astonished to hear people say you need money to have a network. No money no network. What? I disagree. Hence, the birth of this post "indeed your network is your net worth.''

Who is your network?

Well, from a personal point of view, my network is a relationship I have built over time. For easy assimilation, I will give an instance. Scrollforth is one of my networks. You know why? Because I am a freelancer on their platform, and they have ardent readers who visit their site. A reader might bump into one of my articles and just fall in love with my write-ups before you know it I have gotten myself a contract via one of my networks Scrollforth. Do you see why building your network can also play a major role in your net worth? Am I a famous freelance writer yet? No. But because of the kind of network I have

Your network doesn't have be your close friend

I hear people say when you interact with the rich they begin to see you as a (wanna be). That is why you also need to have money like them to network with them. That is a big fallacy. I like backing my statements with examples. As a driver, your boss introduces you to his friends who are Managers, Governors, Chiefs, etc as a professional driver who knows his job well. Tomorrow, when one of your boss's friends contacts you to work for him too what will you call that? It is simply networking.

In other words, you don't have to be a (wanna be) to have a good network because your network doesn't necessarily have to be your close friend. As an entrepreneur, your customers can become your network when you offer them good services and they are happy with your products they can refer you to their friends. Do you get my point? As a driver when 'Ogas at the top' asks you to become their driver what next? Your net worth is on the rise. As a business owner when your customers refer you what happens? More sales and more sales mean higher net worth.

Network over money

I can go on to explain the importance of network over money. Money is good but dear readers if you don't have the right network, that money will come and go. Like the popular phrase "from grace to grass". I will always choose the right network over money because a good network will not only refer to you but will always provide you with the right information you need to transform your life. I call them destiny changers

Network over money
Network over money

As we roundup 2020 and prepare for 2021 one of your goals should be building your network. Not just any network but a network that will take you to a better level and also take your net worth to the next level. When you get a good network only then will you understand that indeed your network is your net worth? Kindly drop your thoughts in the comment box.



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