About Scrollforth Social Networking Platform

About Scrollforth Social Networking Platform

About Scrollforth social networking platform

Scrollforth is a Nigerian social networking platform for social activity and business growth. Anyone from the age of 13 and above is welcome to join. You can blog, chat online, and make new friends. You can also make business acquaintances and expand your network.

Why join Scrollforth?

Scrollforth social network allows you to optimize the time you spend on social media for productivity. While some social platforms are optimized for job hunting or entertainment only, the platform provides essential and easy to use hybrid features that allow you to socialise and showcase your art, skills, business, and services. Artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs would particularly benefit from the features available on the platform.

Interact with others through private messages on Scrollforth social networking platform
You can interact with others through private messages

If you are business oriented, Scrollforth social networking platform also provides free classified listings service. You can utilise the classified listings service to list your products or services and add a price. Examples of listings include: items for sale, apartments to let, job vacancies etc. People who are interested in your listing can contact you through your listing. Members on Scrollforth can also chat with you directly in regards to your listing. You can see how many times your profile or listings have been viewed. Because people or your clients can also rate your content or business through the review function, this can increase your credibility for future customers, clients, or sponsors.

Below is a summary of some benefits you could derive from Scrollforth social networking platform:

  • Chat online, blog, and make new friends
  • Get monetary rewards for your blogs
  • Follow your interests and get followers for your blog, activity, or business.
  • Send private messages.
  • Exhibit your art, skills, business, or trade through eye catching slides.
  • Share your Scrollforth profile with friends or business contacts easily with simple click.
  • Buy and sell through classifieds listing service.
  • Get reviews from people about your activity or business.
  • Access to blog articles.
  • Express your idea through submission of blog articles.

Best of all, Scrollforth membership is free. So join now and start enjoying all the benefits.

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