How to Create Content People Would Love to Share

Published on: January 22, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Every entrepreneur knows that content creation is key when it comes to brand awareness and business growth. They want to create viral content that people will love and interact with or engage with. It's even more exciting when these contents are shared with the family and friends of their customers or community. That's a wider reach. Who doesn't like or want that? In this post, you will learn how to create content people would love to share.

How to create contents people would love to share
How to create contents people would love to share

For instance, I'm pretty sure you're reading this post because you want to improve the network of your business. How? You want to learn to create contents that everyone would love to share with their friends. So, let's get to it.

I'll tell you a story about something that happened a long time ago. We were a bunch of school kids in primary 5. Some kids were quite famous because of their parents; they were rich. We could tell this from the kind of cars they drove to drop off and pick them up from school.

For instance, in my class, the likes of Tomi, Lade, Joyce, Jane, Michael, David, Elizabeth, etc were a few of the rich kids. They wore a lot of fancy stuff to school. That's another way we knew who the rich kids were. The rest of us had to disturb our parents over and over again to get some of the fancy things, like school bags, sandals, wrist watches, etc.

Anyway, one morning, Tobi walks into the classroom and wouldn't stop talking about a store she had visited with her parents over the weekend to shop for some toys for her younger siblings. She described some of the cool things she got to play with while the adults shopped. There was this particular section of the store that she explored. She got served free chocolates and a voucher to participate in some exclusive deals the store had to offer. We could tell that it was a nice place. Everyone wanted to visit as well.

Here's the thing; Tobi wasn't even one of the rich kids. So, it meant a lot to everyone that there was a fancy place in town that everyone could visit, and afford even if their parents weren't rich.

You know what? Before the term ended, nearly one-third of the class had visited.

I'll tell you what just happened there. The store had an amazing marketing experience. Of course, if the internet and social media were rampant at the time, then that content would have been a shareable one.

Now that we have the internet, social media and other digital platforms, how can we create contents that everyone would love to share, just as Tobi did?

Below are 4 simple ways to create content people would love to share

1. Tell a story with your content

The reason why you're still reading this post till this point is because you fell in love with the story I was telling. If I had just gone ahead to tell you what shareable contents are, you probably would have stopped reading and exited the page.

You see, people love to hear stories. They know that hearing other people's experiences with a brand or product can point out to them how valuable it can be to them as well. They want something relatable.

Telling the story of your brand doesn't mean narrating the history of the brand. It means telling people how others have interacted with the brand.

In the case of the toy shop, Tobi's interaction with the store was the story that made every other kid in the school visit the store.

2. Interviews with influencers

People always trust experts. So, they can trust whatever content they are sharing as well. Using an industry expert to create content will help you boost them in more ways than you can imagine. You'd also be attracting their audience. That's double exposure for you.

3. Make your content educational, not promotional

Make your content educational

Have you ever heard of DIYs? Do you know why people share those contents a lot? They provide helpful insights. They also help them solve a problem by teaching them how to do it.

When you create contents that sound so promotional, no one will like to be a part of it. You see, customers don't like the feeling of being used. They don't want to feel like the only thing you want from them is their money. Making your contents sound promotional will turn people off.

However, when you create contents that are educational and informative, then you can be sure that people would love to share them.

4. Create an emotional attachment between your audience and the contents

Create an emotional attachment with your content

When you create content, always ask yourself what the goal of the content is. Is it to inspire, motivate, educate, validate or communicate something to them? It could even be to make them laugh.

Here's the thing; to make your audience connect with your content, you have to make it about them. Make sure there is an emotional attachment. People easily share things that they are emotionally drawn to with others than things that they are not.

With these 4 tips, I'm pretty sure it will be easier for you to create contents that people would love to share. You can start with one strategy, and observe and see your audience's reaction to it before moving to the next.

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