Five Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Published on: June 14, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Have you been invited for an interview, and do you need tips on how to prepare? After learning about some Dos of an interview, and possible interview questions, we will be going into the Don'ts. Every interviewee wants positive feedback from an interview. They hope to leave the interview with a wide smile. However, most interviewees kill the chance of a successful interview before it's even started. This post discusses some job interview mistakes you need to avoid.

job interview mistakes you should avoid

It is very important to be fully and perfectly prepared before going into an interview. You can prepare by getting all the information about the dos and don'ts of an interview. It's also advisable to ask for advice from people who have once performed an interview.

Explained below are five job interview mistakes to avoid:

1. Showing up late for an interview

This is somewhat of an easy judgment. However, you'd be amazed how frequently interviewees come up late and think it'll go unnoticed. Interviewers take note of everything. Even one minute past the agreed time will not go unnoticed by the interviewers. Coming late gives the opinion that, in addition to the fact that you lack discipline and professionalism. 

When you fail to manage your time well, delays are unpredictable and this decreases your capacity to be punctual if hired. Plan for enough time to get to your destination. Being tardy is unacceptable.

2. Showing up too soon

Coming in late for an interview is obviously a one-way ticket out of the competition. However, most people don't know that coming in too early can give you a similar ticket. A hiring manager who is not prepared when you arrive may become irritated by your behaviour. Nonetheless, the company can contact you about coming a little early. That is an exception. Still, coming in five-ten minutes before the allocated time is perfect.

3. Using your phone 

Browsing on the phone is one of the most common job interview mistakes nowadays. These days, most people appear to be obsessed with their cell phones. Yet, in the meeting setting utilizing your cellphone can leave a bad impression on you. This is regardless of whether you do it in the sitting area or the meeting itself. It shows that you cannot focus. You may even give the feeling that you have no regard for the interview and the interviewer.

It's best to lock your phone when you arrive at your interview location. Make sure the vibration is off and the quiet setting is on. Switch it off if possible and toss it in your bag or pocket. Your phone will not be required during an interview, so you should not look at it.

4. Checking time during the interview

Glancing at the wall clock or wristwatch is a reflex action for some people. They do it without even noticing. Checking the time during a meeting signals how unserious you are about the interview. Except for this fact, the interviewer will feel insulted. It's like you are indirectly telling the interviewer that they are wasting your time. 

Always remember that you are the interviewee, not the interviewer. They prepared the interview, not you. Therefore, you should, at no cost, be caught checking the time. Checking the time during an interview already shows that the job isn't a priority. 

5. Lying

While most interviewees bend the truth to their advantage, it is important not to lie in the interview. Since the interviewer probably won't know how truthful the interviewee is, most take the opportunity to tell a lie. There is a high likelihood of getting caught. 

You might be inquired to provide proof of any information given. Therefore, it's advisable to be completely honest during your interview. A background check can be done on you if the company is a large company with a great reputation. Thus, do not take that risk.

The job market could be very competitive and avoiding the above job interview mistakes would increase your chances of having a successful job interview. Good luck!