Be Success Conscious

Published on: July 16, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Every human's quest for success most of the time, is insatiable. This is because man wants to succeed in all areas, so if a man is succeeding in this area and failing in the other, there is no total success yet. It is perfectly human to desire success, even to the highest degree. In fact, anyone who doesn't want to be successful should be checked. However, how many of the people who desire success are conscious of it? Intentionally conscious of it?

It is okay to want success. It is okay to dream. It is okay to imagine. But it is not okay ... not to act.

Success consciousness is simply a synonym for success intentionality. It is the extent to which you're ready to make the success you imagine, happen.

How do you become success conscious?

1. Be Intentional

Make intentional efforts to make things that you imagine, happen in reality. If you need to read books, read them, get informed, get more information about that which interests you so much, strive to be better. If you need to meet people, meet them, if you need to reach out, reach out, if you need to be coached/trained, invest in yourself and get training.

2. Connect with the Right People

Associate with people who would help you become what you want to become. Have coaches, have mentors, have the right set of friends. With this, you'll be sure to be on the path of success consciousness.

3. Be Accountable

The right complaint would help you to be accountable such that, even as you set goals, daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, etc., you have people who would check you often to keep you on track. People you always have to reply back to to make sure you're making daily consistent efforts to make your success a reality. It goes a long way.

There are many more that I've got to mention, but I'm trying to make this as short as possible. But I want you to know that it is very possible for one to become success conscious and remain success conscious. Do not be deceived into believing that what you imagine or even what you might have foreseen will just happen one day because you believe it. Trust God and your abilities, yes. But make real efforts to make things happen. And don't forget, be success conscious all the time.




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