5 Tech Jobs That Do Not Require Coding Skills

Published on: July 9, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Tech Jobs That Do Not Require Coding Skills

This post highlights five tech jobs that do not require coding skills. Tech skills are hard skills that people acquire to perform a specific task. The idea of being a 'tech-bro' or 'tech-sis' is what has been in everybody’s mind, especially since you don’t need a bachelor's degree to venture into tech.

If you are thinking of going into tech, and you don’t have the available resources to learn to code, or you think coding isn’t your thing, keep reading to see the list of high-demand tech jobs that do not require coding skills.

The big question on everyone’s mind is ‘do I need to know how to code before I’m regarded as a tech person?’ The answer is no because as much as a lot of people see coding as a tech skill, the term ‘tech’ is a short form for technology and any skill that has to deal with the use of modern technologies in executing a task is a tech skill.

5 Tech jobs that do not require coding skills

1. Product design jobs

Product design is an advanced form of graphics design, and it’s same as UI/UX design. If you are already into graphics designing you can take a bold step to learning product design. The good thing about this field of tech is that there are already predesigned softwares that help make your career easier such as adobe, figma, sketch, moqups and balsamiq. The good thing about these apps is they already have 30% of your work as a product designer done.

2. Product management jobs do not require coding skills

Product managers are people who oversee a product lifeline, whether it is an offline or online product, they work on a product from its ideation stage till it goes out of the market. As a product manager, you might not necessarily meet the ideation stage of a product, you can handle a product in its growth stage and initiate ideas that will increase sales and functionality of that product. The main purpose of a product manager is to make relevant decisions that will affect a product.

The basic skills you need as a product manager are:

3. Project management

Project management is quite different from product management, although they both use similar tools. A project manager oversees the progress of a project, they only monitor, inspect, and draft plans to follow to ensure that a project is completed within the estimated timeframe. Unlike product managers, they are not involved in bringing up ideas or making decisions on a particular product.

The background skills needed for this course are the same as that of product management with the inclusion of time management.

4. Technical writing

Technical writing is a great niche in tech to work on, it involves the use of clear and concise write-ups to communicate with readers. Unlike content writers, technical writers don’t write to entertain their audience, they write to educate and inform the audience about new practices, and this is done by breaking down complex topics using basic and relatable topics to make them easily understood.

Technical writers are responsible for writing instructions on user manuals for users, press releases, financial insights, technical reports, statements of purpose and so on.

5. Digital marketing jobs do not require coding skills

Digital marketing has been a growing niche in recent times. Basically, every company needs a digital marketer. Just as the name implies, digital marketing is an online form of marketing, they use online tools like websites and social media to increase brand awareness, gain brand authority and ultimately generate sales.

Digital marketing is the umbrella name for content writing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Digital marketing is very easy to learn as a lot of online communities teach this course for free with certification.

To learn any of these tech skills above, there are some platforms that train individuals from scratch at little or no cost. They include:

  • Sidehustle
  • Entrylevel
  • CW tech
  • Simplilearn
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Google

In this post, you have learned about five tech jobs that do not require coding skills. If you enjoyed reading, please share with others in your network or leave a comment below if you have a question. You might also be interested in skills with rising level of demand and profitable skills you can learn online.