How to Communicate Effectively in Business

How to Communicate Effectively in Business

A great leader must be able to communicate You need to know how to communicate effectively in business. There is a formula you’ve been missing out on. And this has been causing you to lose a lot of money. If mastered will help to accelerate your sales process, making it go as slick as possible. Or better put, without this formula, it will be extremely hard for you to make sales. This is the KLT formula. It stands for Know, Like, and Trust. These 3 are needed by every business. But to get people to know, like, and trust you, you need one major thing and that is effective communication. As an expert, communication is important for the growth of your business. It is the thin line that bridges the gap between you and the relationship you build in your business space. Not only should you learn to communicate, learn it effectively. This act, if done unprofessionally can leave a scar on your business. Let's get to the deal. Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively? Build amazing relationships with your customers and employees? Accelerate your growth process? Get recognized by individuals as an amazing brand with a top-notch personality? And consequently, make more sales? If you answered yes to all the questions, then this post is for you. But before we proceed, there’s good news. At the end of this article is a bonus that will help you understand how to communicate better waiting for you, so make sure you read to the end so you don’t miss out. Right before we dive into the core aspects, you have to understand what communication is all about.

What is communication?

You can communicate effectively with the tips in this post Most time when you hear communication, your brain is forced to believe that it is the way you talk. While this is very true, there is so much more to communication. The most notable one is somewhere in this post. I will tell you later on but before it, what exactly is communication? The basic definition of communication was developed by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver in 1948. They defined communication as the process of sending and receiving messages or transferring information from one part to another. In a more explanatory sequence. You have the sender, the message, the channel, and the receiver. You as the sender passes your message through a channel to the receiver. Simple! How to communicate effectively There are several channels of communication. It could be through direct messaging, video messaging, email, or in person. Remember I said I was going to tell you the most notable of the other forms of communication? Here it is: The most notable one is nonverbal communication, that is, your body language. The gestures you make, the way you carry your body, your charisma all accompany communication. Imagine this… You entered into a top company and requested to see the manager. Following protocols, you were directed to the reception where you will be guided to the manager’s office. But at the reception, you met two ladies. One was chewing gum, making bubbles, and bursting them. She talks way too much, makes angry faces at people, and has little regard for business ethics. And the other pays close attention to details, is moderately dressed, speaks calmly, and is reserved. She has a welcoming smile and observes all business ethics. Which of them would you like to attend to you? I heard you say the second one! The first lady may even get herself fired through incessant complaints. Who knows? None of them uttered a word to you but you already got a message from both of them. So communication isn’t limited to just what you say. The above example is how body language and personality communicate to you. When you communicate effectively, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems. This could be alleviating anger, avoiding misunderstanding, building deep and amazing relationships. The next few paragraphs are the parts you’ve been waiting for.

How to communicate effectively

For easy understanding, this section is divided into two.

How to develop:

1. Effective communication between you and your team members in the organization.

2. Effective communication between you and your customers.

This is because relating with customers is different from relating with your employees or team members. Your employees are well known to you. They are more of your inner circle. They understand the policies governing the business but your customers do not. They are strangers that you are trying to turn to friends and if care is not taken, they will become strangers again.

How to communicate effectively with your employees

1. Have a primary communication channel

With a primary communication channel, information will quickly reach each employee. Since they are aware of it being a designated channel, it is only ethical for them to check for the latest information and updates. However, some employees need to see information multiple times before they make it a date. So you should as well diversify your messaging. But only after the primary hub.

2. Understand your employees

To ensure effective communication, try to understand your employees. Their general attitude to working policies, their dislikes, and what they would like to be added or removed following company operations. You can create surveys to check for these and as well to find out if they’re getting the information they need.

3. Engage your employees

According to Gallup’s report on employee engagement, companies with a highly engaged workforce have 21% higher profitability. They also have 17% higher productivity than companies with a disengaged workforce. This statistic says only one thing. Get your employees involved in the company’s operations and watch your business grow simultaneously

4. Be approachable

Would you like to work with someone that wears an angry face every time? Looking frustrated and ready to pounce on you any moment? Who loves transferring aggression at the slightest inconvenience? Of course not! Being approachable will help to facilitate conversation and subsequently build an amazing relationship with your employees.

5. Invest in physical communication

There was a time I was on a commercial bus. The passenger sitting next to me had to meet one of his bosses at the central market. The boss called and asked where he was currently at. He said he’s at the bus stop next to the central market. While we were just entering the city. Okay, forgive me for listening to someone else’s conversation but I couldn’t help it because he was right beside me. Now, forget the lies they tell, nothing beats having a physical conversation with your employees. You get to see their reactions. And their thought about a particular thing. For more on communication, see easy ways to improve your communication skills.

6. Measure effectiveness through a reward system

According to Hubspot, 69% of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated. Organize training and seminars to educate your employees. Evaluate them and reward the hardworking ones. It could be through promotions or awards at the end-of-the-year party. This will prompt others to do more.

How to communicate effectively with your customers

1. Be an active listener

Communicate effectively in business by being an active listener When you listen attentively to your customers without interruptions, you will be able to find out their pain points, their desires, the things they want deep down their lizard brains. You will be able to learn as much as you can about your customers. And how you can help them to find solutions to their problems.

2. Improve your products and services based on their feedback

Customer feedbacks help to improve the overall outlook of your business. remember, your products are meant for your customers. So you have to look up to how you can do better following their feedback.

3. Keep things simple and straightforward

Talk to your customers like you’re talking to a baby. This means that you have to talk in the simplest language they understand. Rather than use big and ambiguous words, use simple ones. Instead of saying “take action”, say “act”. Instead of “for”, say “to”. Instead of “in as much as”, use “since”. These words are less wordy and more understandable.

4. Be honest

Don’t ever tell a lie to your prospects or customers to get them to buy from you. Because when they start to use your products, they will find out the truth. And this will have a bad influence on your business. Remember the KLT formula I talked about at the beginning of this post? Exactly. You have to be honest to get them to trust you.

5. End every conversation with an invitation

Let me tell you a secret. Your customers don’t know what to do. So help them decide the next line of action. Instead of just ending the conversation, offer additional benefits to your customer. Finish every conversation with “Let me know if there’s anything I can help with. This sense of willingness will make your customer believe that you will go extra mile for them. There you have it, how you can communicate effectively in the business space. One more thing, you forgot, I didn’t. Remember I promised to give you a bonus at the end of this post? It is a gift that will help you to learn how to communicate, not only in business but in life generally. It is a book by Leil Lowndes titled 'How to Talk to Anyone; 92 Little Tricks For Big Success in Relationships'. You can download it on for free. Finally, I hope you find this article helpful. Is there something else you will like to know about business communication? You can ask and I will do my best to answer all. You might also be interested in how to improve your negotiation skills.

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