5 Recipes You Need to Try This New Year

Published on: December 30, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

When was the last time you tried making something new and different; a new recipe?

Think of nearly every Nigerian home and you can imagine and would most certainly mention a few of the household staples correctly.

Guess what? It’s time to do something different.

I mean, what better way to enjoy the new year than to start with a few new recipes or dishes that every member of the family isn’t used to?

Well, let me share with you 5 recipes you need to try this new year.

1. Gizdodo


From the name, gizdodo is a mix of stir-fried plantain and gizzard. This delicacy can be served as a side dish with white rice or jollof rice, or as an appetizer.

To prepare this recipe:

  • Cut some plantains into cubes, fry and keep aside.
  • Cut some gizzards into small cubes as well, marinate with seasoning and fry as well.
  • Stir fry the gizzard and plantain over a simmering pepper and tomato sauce with diced onion, green bell pepper, yellow pepper and other ingredients of choice.

It's pretty much simple. Isn’t it?

2. Chicken kebab

5 Recipes You Need to Try This New Year

Chicken kebab sounds like the kind of delicacy you would normally find a restaurant or any other fast food outlet. But it isn't something anyone would easily think of making at home.

Guess what? It isn’t so difficult to prepare. So, let's try something different at home in the new year.

  • Cut the chicken into smaller chunks, marinate with olive oil, salt and any seasoning of your choice.
  • Get your skewers and diced peppers.
  • Arrange the chickens and pepper on the skewer and grill.

3. Cheesy pasta

Cheese pasta

One of the best things about pasta is that there several types and so many ways to make them. Now will be a good time to explore one of the many ways to make sumptuous pasta.

  • Boil the pasta
  • Prepare some cheese sauce in a separate pan.
  • Add the boiled pasta into the cheese sauce and stir into the sticky cheese sauce.

NOTE: To make the cheese sauce:

  • Put the cheese in a pan on low heat.
  • Add seasoning, black pepper and salt.
  • Stir to get the seasoning into the cheese.

4. Homemade shawarma

Homemade shawarma

The thing about homemade shawarma is that you can make it as rich, creamy and yummy as you want. All you need to do is to add all your favourite ingredients in the pita bread.

5. Party jollof rice

Party jollof rice
Party jollof rice

Party jollof is one of dish that we enjoy and crave for a lot in Nigeria. Unfortunately, we only get to eat it at parties. Why? Well, only a few people know how to make jollof rice taste like the ones we eat at parties.

Let me give you the recipe to that perfect party jollof rice.

  • Roast some tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, garlic and ginger for about 15-20 minutes before blending. This gives the jollof sauce that hidden burnt party jollof rice taste.
  • Use the blended mix to make the jollof rice sauce.
  • Wash and add the rice into the sauce. Leave it to cook for about 20-30 minutes.

Try it and watch your loved ones hail your culinary skill all day long.

Happy new year, guys!