5 Reasons Why Your Pimples Wouldn't Leave

Published on: September 15, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

5 Reasons Why Your Pimples Wouldn't Leave

Pimple is a very common skin problem almost everyone has had at one point or the other in their lives. It usually occurs when your skin's oil glands absorb too much oil called known as sebum. This often leaves the skin pores clogged and causes pimples to grow on the surface of the skin. This post highlights 5 reasons why your pimples wouldn't leave.

Many people have tried many different remedies for their pimples. However, for some reason, their pimples just wouldn't leave. Have you tried many different remedies as well and wondered why your pimples wouldn't leave? Many times, this is caused by certain bad habits that are not healthy for the skin.

Smaller pimples don't usually stay too long on the skin and can disappear in just a few days. However, much larger ones can stay up to six weeks and even longer. 

Below are 5 reasons why your pimples wouldn't leave your skin:

1. You don't wash your face regularly

The major problem is (very often) cleaning. Do you wash your face every evening? If not, that could be the main cause of your pimples. If so, do you just use water for cleaning - or a special washing product? Water alone does not have enough power. 

Oil-free gels or washing bars are much better. This will remove debris that have accumulated on your skin over the day: sebum, environmental dirt, bacteria from your fingers, and so on.

2. You do not use any facial toner

Are you already using a wash gel? Great, this is a good start. However, it is not enough to just remove the superficial dirt. Pimples and blackheads sprout from pores that are clogged with dead skin cells and become infected. 

Facial tonic with salicylic acid literally clears pores. The active ingredient penetrates deep into the pores, loosens the old cells, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. You keep touching your face

This is one of the major reasons why your pimples wouldn't leave. During the day we touch many things with our hands that we would rather not have on our faces. So take your hands off your face! 

Try to get into the habit of not resting your head in your hand at the desk and don't scratch your face while pondering. This is difficult at first, but with much practice, you'll get used to it and it would become an easy habit.

4. Your cell phone causes pimples

Your Cell Phone Causes Pimples

You read that right! The phone is the ultimate pimple trap. This is another common reason why your pimples wouldn't leave. 

You have probably already read that there are more germs lurking on the touch display than on an average toilet seat. When you talk on the phone without headphones, you put all of this on your cheek. To solve this, you can wipe your screen regularly with cleaning cloths or put on a pair of decent headphones.

5. You use creams that are too rich

Yes, skincare is important. However, you can also protect your skin while taking care of it. It's not a myth. If you use too many creams or antiaging products too early, you risk having pimples. The latter are produced for dehydrated, older skin (with age the skin produces less fat) and therefore contain a lot of oils. 

If you have blemished skin and use such intensive skincare products, the pores can clog, and the pimples sprout. It is better to use light gel creams or serums. Make sure to pay attention to the note "non-comedogenic". If it says so on the packaging, it means that a product does not contain any ingredients that can clog the pores. So you play it safe.


The above are just a few reasons why your pimples wouldn't leave. There are many more reasons, however, these are the most common. It is very possible to have smooth unblemished skin. With the right amount of dedication, you too can achieve that perfect skin goal. However, there might be some other reasons why your pimples wouldn't go away. Therefore, if you've tried your best and nothing seems to work, ensure you meet with a dermatologist for advice.