10 Signs Your Male Partner is Cheating

Published on: June 8, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

As a female, noticing some changes in your partner can make you acquire investigative skills. Suddenly, you have the appetite to find out if your male partner is cheating. While you put on your detective badge, we have put together some points that might help. Here are the ten signs your male partner is cheating on you. 

Signs your male partner is cheating

Below are 10 signs your male partner is cheating on you

1. Your male partner might be cheating on you if he is always too busy for you

One of the first signs your male partner is cheating is when he's too busy for you. A cheating partner will provide excessively ridiculous excuses when you try to ask about it. Or he will get flustered and say that he is too stressed to speak on the matter. Regardless of the excuse he feeds you, you should know that a man is NEVER too busy to communicate with his woman. 

2. He might be cheating if he gets irritated at every little thing you do

Another sign of your male partner cheating is if he gets annoyed and irritated more often at you. Worse, he is not ready to resolve fights between the both of you. You also notice some exaggerated actions whenever he is angry, like storming out on you. When he's angry, he does not come home until you call all his friends to beg him. This can indicate he's cheating.

3. He becomes very secretive

In a relationship, I believe everything should be shared between both partners. However, if your male partner changes phone passwords, hides conversations, and deletes chats, something is wrong. Also, if he doesn't receive calls in your presence, then there is a possibility of infidelity

4. He drops the 'we' and uses 'I' often

Another sign that your male partner might be cheating is if he stops using collective nouns when talking about his future. A partner who is believed to be faithful would have you in their plans. He would use 'We,' 'Us,' 'Our' instead of 'I' and 'My.' Take note of this if you suspect your male partner is unfaithful. 

5. A sudden change in work schedule could be a sign that your male partner is cheating

There's every reason to suspect your male partner of cheating if you notice some sudden changes in his work schedule. Without any form of promotion, he suddenly starts having late meetings, suspicious business trips, or even overnight meetings. These can indicate he is cheating, especially if you notice some other sudden changes about him.

6. Excess unjustifiable time on social media could be a sign your male partner is cheating

If your male partner spends a lot of time on social media without justification, he might be having an affair outside the relationship. This is especially when the person he often chats with is unfamiliar to you. You can politely ask him about it, but ensure that you make no accusation. His response or reaction will give you an answer. 

7. Being overprotective about his phone is a strong sign that your male partner is cheating

If he suddenly loves his phone more and makes sure it never leaves his sight, he has something to hide. In other words, he gets angry when you touch his phone, or he would rather operate his phone himself. These are signs that he could be cheating.

8. Less sexual activity

Another thing to look out for if you are not sure of a cheating partner is a sudden lack of sexual attraction towards you. If your male partner is getting sex from someone else, you might be getting none from him. He might be cheating if he no longer makes sexual advances or claims to never be in the mood.

9 Your male partner might be cheating on you if he lies to you consistently

One of the common qualities of a cheating male partner is lies. You can detect a cheating partner by the excuses he gives all the time. Once he starts lying about things, he contradicts himself or even forgets the previous lie he told on a topic. While he tells his lies, you would also notice that some things don't add up.

10. He pays more attention to his appearance

If your partner is in a relationship with someone else, he will begin to pay more attention to his appearance. Suddenly, you would notice a change in his dressing to work or a change in his hairstyle. He might even have a sudden interest in working out and looking fit. While there's no crime in looking good or changing looks, questions should be asked when he does it without reason.