Your 1st Day on Nigerian University Campus

Published on: April 14, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Your 1st day on Nigerian university campus - Girl browsing on laptop
1st day on Nigerian university campus - 6 orientation tips for Jambites

I guess it won’t be too early or too late to say congratulations on your admission. I suppose you would be looking forward to your 1st day on Nigerian University Campus. This post contains some time and life hacks where your first day at school is concerned. Join me through the ride, dearest JJC (I hope you find out what that means).

Your 1st day on Nigerian university campus definitely comes with mixed feelings; from being nervous to being happy and sad all at once. For me, it was all shades of tears. I was leaving my parents to an entirely strange land and there they were acting like they would not even feel my absence. I later got the gist that they both cried after I left though.

First, you see all the advice you’ve been given concerning remembering the child of whom you are, yes that, don’t leave it behind. Having said that, let’s discuss six carefully prioritized tips for your 1st day on campus.

6 orientation tips for your 1st day on Nigerian university campus:

1. Dress properly on Nigerian university campus

I can’t emphasize this enough. I know you might be overwhelmed with that “finally free” feeling but please, your dressing is not the best way to express this feeling. Try to be decently and confidently dressed. You sure don’t want to be embarrassed by the university security, porters, or even fellow students. If you have to drag to cover, don’t wear it.

2. Ask questions on campus

I grew up with the feeling that people who ask questions are seen as dull. Dear prospective student, that upbringing cost me a lot! From losing money to getting lost and to doing the wrong things entirely or even right things the wrong way. Understand that everyone also had their “first times” and as such, you should be bold enough to ask questions; from directions to procedures to names of places and even prices of fares. If you don’t know, ask! You’re not expected to know anyway, it’s your first day.

3. Knock well before entering any office on Nigerian university campus

I have to state this at this point because it’s really important. You don’t want to make a 4-5 year long enemy from your first day in school. Neither do you want to walk into an awkward situation. Knock the door well and if possible, wait for a response. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

4. Don’t arrive on Nigerian university campus at night

Yes. Whether you have a relative there or not, try to arrive as early as possible. This is to avoid extortion, confusion, or any possible bad experiences especially those involving the bad boys on campus.

5. Plan

This involves having all your necessary documents, personal effects, foodstuff, and funds within reach. Avoid unnecessary photocopying and the likes. They are usually cheaper in the school environment and can be done after you know how many copies exactly are required of you. Keep your luggage within an eyeshot at every point. If you’re carrying any drugs for any reason, have your doctor’s prescription to avoid stories that touch the heart.

6. Have fun on campus

It is okay to play a little before the real work starts. Do well to enjoy yourself moderately. Meet people, make friends, smile, ask questions, and don’t be uptight. I know you’ve been told it’s a different world within those walls but you should make up your mind from the first day at school. Do you want to pass or fail? Sociable or not? Do you want to just study or add other things to it, for example, talent discovery? It won’t be too early to decide.

Finally, note that you’re not inferior to anyone else on campus, no matter your background. Like I’ll say “all na packaging” (It’s all a façade) and very soon, you’ll understand too.

Trust you learned a thing or two. Wishing you all the very best as you look forward to your 1st day on Nigerian university campus!