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Who Killed Sully in Netflix Top Boy Season Finale?

Who Killed Sully in Netflix Top Boy Season Finale?

Top Boy season 3 took Netflix by storm, fulfilling the high expectations of fans who were eagerly awaiting its release. However, the unexpected twist at the very end of the Top Boy 3 final season has left the audience guessing. The big question is - who shot Sully in that car?

Sully, a complex and influential character in the series, interacted with various figures throughout the series, making it difficult to pinpoint who could potentially want him dead. However, as Top Boy season 3 concludes, we can narrow down the suspects who might have the strongest motives to silence Sully.

1. Stef

Primarily, the character Stef is filled with anger and resentment throughout season 3. This is mainly because he blames Sully for the execution of his brother, Jamie, at the climax of season 2. So, without doubt, Stef could have everything to gain from retaliating. However when Stef finally confronted Sully with a pistol, he changed his mind saying "you ain't worth it".

2. Si

Another possible suspect could be Si who was known for his loyalty to Jamie. Stef's confirmation that Jamie  was killed by Sully seemingly put a significant strain on Si's alliance with Sully. However, Si's fear of Jamie emerges in a critical scene when he's confronted by Sully about a theft, making him less likely a perpetrator.

3. Erin

The blossoming character Erin also reveals within the series that she suspects Sully was involved in her father's death. Yet, based on Erin's character development and actions throughout the show, it seems unlikely that she would be the one to pull the trigger.

4. Jaq

Jaq from Netflix

Finally, we come to the most plausible candidate, Jaq. When we first meet her, Jaq appears scared of Sully. However, in her last conversation with Becky, she responds to her question about whether everything will be alright with "Everything is gonna be ok." This utterance, said in a confident and determined tone, implies that Jaq may have found the courage to confront and eliminate anyone who poses a threat to her life - in this case, Sully. This newfound courage could stem from her discovery of Sully seeming to have murdered Kieron, a friend whom she cared deeply for.

There you have it, our rundown of the most likely suspects who could have shot Sully at the end of Top Boy 3. It's an endlessly debatable subject. If you have your own theories or suspects, don't forget to share them in the comments section. Let's keep the conversation going. Who do you think shot Sully?


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