What Caused the Death of Super TV CEO

Published on: July 1, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

What caused the death of Super TV CEO

What caused the death of Super TV CEO

In recent times, the level of terrorism, crimes, and social vices shaking the nation has been off the charts. The recent death of Super TV CEO- Usifo Ataga was quite shocking. The question on many people's minds is: what caused the death of Super TV CEO?

Mr. Ataga's lifeless body was found in a three-bedroom flat in Lekki. According to the authorities, the CEO of Super TV was stabbed to death by 21-year-old Chidinma. She was believed to be the last person to have made contact with Mr. Agata, and hence, she was labeled as the prime suspect.

On Wednesday, the Lagos State Police Command arrested Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu. She is a 21-year-old student at the University of Lagos. She was found and arrested in Yaba, far away from the scene of the incident.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, said that the suspect confessed to stabbing the victim with a kitchen knife, after a bit of struggle.

Chidinma confessed to committing the crime within Police custody on Wednesday the 24th of June 2021. Friends and family of the deceased were the ones who had reported that Usifo Ataga had been missing since the 13th of June. He was later found five days later at a three-bedroom apartment in Lekki phase 1 where the crime had happened.

The prime suspect, Chidinma Adaora Ujukwu, was a 300 level student of the University of Lagos. She was studying mass communication and lived with her parents in Yaba.

How the crime happened

According to the Lagos State police commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu, the crime was committed in a three-bedroom flat in Lekki phase 1. The victim was there on Sunday and was supposed to meet with his wife for his 50th birthday celebration on Thursday. However, sadly he never came out.

When the police reached the scene of the crime, they found him in his boxers alone, lying in a pool of his own blood.

According to the authorities, it was only when the victim never arrived in Abuja that his friends and family reported him missing. He was later found dead.

His belongings, which included his iPhone and ATM card, were taken by the suspect. After Adaora Ojukwu was caught by the authorities, she confessed in an interview with newsmen to actually stabbing the Super TV CEO.

According to her confession, on the 13th of June, the victim, Usifo Ataga, had asked her to get a place she could stay. She found a place to stay, and he had told her to go and check it out and pay, which she did.

They had stayed together at the place, frolicking around together, until he started making advances at her. She said that she had resisted him, and then he started getting violent until he had his way.

She had stayed with him even after the event, and he tried making advances at her again. She resisted again but when it was getting beyond her control, she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him in the neck two times before throwing it on the bed. He had tried to reach for the knife, so she stabbed him the third time.

Chidinma escaped after the incident and was later found at her parents' place in Yaba, where the police had gotten her arrested.



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