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Wedding Songs For Nigerian Weddings - Anthems

Wedding songs for Nigerian weddings

What's a Nigerian wedding without beautiful wedding songs? Without a hyper MC screaming at the top of his lungs? It's almost unimaginable. Weddings are one of the most interesting and enjoyable social events. Asides from the celebration of love, the guests look out for two main things: food first and then beautiful wedding anthems.

Below are 12 wedding anthems you should definitely include in your Nigerian wedding songs playlist:

1. Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) by Beyonce

Beyonce released her multi-award-winning single 14 years ago and has since become one of the most played wedding songs at Nigerian weddings. This is one song that has managed to stay relevant in and out of the season. 'Single Ladies' has grown to become the bouquet toss anthem you're bound to hear in at least 7 out of 10 Nigerian Weddings. At this point, it's probably just a reflex for the DJs. Whenever the MC says it's time to throw the bouquet, it goes without saying that the next thing you'd hear must be... 'All the single ladies.'

2. Perfect by Ed Sheeran

The couple's first dance is one of the most anticipated moments in the wedding. Anticipated by the couple and close friends, I mean. Those of us in the audience are probably too busy wolfing down our meals to anticipate anything or in worse case scenarios, we're still passively-aggressively waiting to be served. The first dance is designed to be a romantic moment and the song 'Perfect' seems to fit just perfectly, and so when Ed Sheeran's voice permeates the air, whether we're anticipating or not, we know straightway the couple's "awwwn" moment has come.

3. All Over by Tiwa Savage

Remember that moment when the men in agbada are lined up on one side, and the ladies in Aso-Ebi on the other, as they lay aside every reservation and drop those moves like there's no tomorrow while paving the way for the couple and the bridal train. That's the moment 'All over' comes on, right when they are about to scatter the dancefloor. Apart from the beat and vibes, the song does seem to go along with the occasion. I mean, if your partner doesn't give you goosebumps, should you even be marrying them?

4. Fall in Love by D'banj

Fall in love by D'banj was definitely created for weddings and everything love-related. Just look at all those beautiful yet ridiculous pet names D'banj calls his love interest. 'My sweet potato'. 'My sugar banana.' If they don't play fall in love at a Nigerian wedding, then the list of wedding songs at that wedding isn't complete yet.

5. Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo

'Yes, I wanna build my whole world around you.' Released in 2014, Timi Dakolo's Iyawo mi is another evergreen wedding song that will never phase out. The passion and emotion invoked by the carefully thought-out lyrics makes it another perfect option for the couple's first dance or the cake feeding ritual.

6. Easy (jeje) by Reekado Banks

Easy is one song that just gets you in the mood for dancing. That, and its catchy lyrics is probably why it's often played on many occasions, weddings included. Asides from that, let's try not to model our love life according to Reekado Banks. 'Will you marry me even though I met you today?' Yeah, not in this day and age bruh.

7. Olo Mi by Tosin Martins

The DJ always manages to pull this old faithful out of his dusty archives. Olo Mi by Tosin Martins was released way back in 2006 and has since then been associated with weddings, especially Yoruba weddings. The melodious song describes in Yoruba what true love is supposed to be. If it's not played during the cake cutting, then it comes up as background music or a soft interlude.

8. Somebody's Son by Tiwa Savage

Although recently released last year, Tiwa Savage's Somebody's Son has become one of the popular wedding songs you're bound to hear at weddings. I guess it serves as some sort of solace for the unmarried guests at the wedding. Somebody's son or daughter will find us too... One day.

9. Beginning by Joeboy

Weddings are all about celebrating love, right? 'Beginning' might not have poetic lyrics and a slow rhythm but it's as much of a love song as any. 'If them point gun to my head say make I deny you, I go tell them sey lai lai...' If those lyrics aren't romantic enough to melt your heart, then I don't know what is.

10. Wedding Day by 9ice

Wedding Day by 9ice is one of the most popular wedding songs in Nigeria, particularly in Yoruba weddings. The song is from 9ice's 2008 album 'Gongo Aso'. Despite that it was released more than a decade ago, it has continuously been a favourite on wedding playlists in Nigeria.

11. Igbeyawo by Oritsefemi

A list of Nigerian wedding anthems would be incomplete without mentioning Igbeyawo by Oritsefemi, the 'Musical Taliban'. The melodious song begins with the famous biblical quote 'What God has joined together, let no man put asunder'. There is hardly any Yoruba wedding where 'Igbeyawo' isn't played.

12. Ada Ada by Flavour

Lastly on the list of top Nigerian wedding songs is Ada Ada by Flavour. It's hardly possible to have attended a traditional wedding or specifically an Igba Nkwu and not have heard "Ada Ada". It has even managed to break cultural barriers as it's also played outside the Igbo environment. Whether you understand an ounce of what Flavour is saying or not, you somehow find yourself nodding along.


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avatar By Deborah Oguntibeju ·

Reading this article made me relive some weddings I had attended and also picture my own wedding ???. The music is actually one of the things that make weddings fun and memorable.