Wedding Gown Ideas For a Nigerian Wedding

Published on: June 10, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Whether you're planning a low-key wedding with just the family members, or a large one to rival the royal weddings, a wedding gown always tops the list of priorities. This article compiles a list of trendy and stylish wedding gown ideas for a Nigerian wedding.

In Africa, where weddings are hoped and preferred to be a once and for all thing, there's often a lot of pressure to make the big day as perfect as it can be and for the bride to look her very best.

When it comes down to picking the perfect dress and you're faced with myriads of alternatives, pinpointing the one that not only makes you comfortable but also flatters your body type and takes the groom's breath away may be somewhat stressful and frustrating. I've narrowed down the list into six amazing and stunning wedding gown ideas that you can easily choose from for your Nigerian wedding.

Below are some wedding gown ideas for your Nigerian wedding:

1. The ball wedding gown

If you're looking to make a long-lasting impression, then a ball gown should do just the trick. Ball gowns are as old as time, and not just because of their ancient origin but because they're flattering on just about any body type. Whether you're tall, short, petite or plus-sized, a ball gown will not only leave others in awe of how amazing you look, but it will also make you feel very much like the regal princess that you are.

Wedding gown ideas for a Nigerian wedding
The ball gown. Photo credit - Popfashion

So if you're planning a fairytale wedding, you should definitely go for a ball gown and you get to alter the neck and sleeves to whatever style you want.

You should note however, that ball gowns may limit your movements, so if you're a "stepper" bride and you've been waiting to show off your dance moves, you might want to reconsider or have a separate dress entirely for the reception.

2. Mermaid wedding gown

Designed to enhance a woman's feminity and curves, mermaid gowns are all the rage, especially for weddings. This design has a fitted upper bodice that extends to the knee where it flares out. The beauty in mermaid gowns lies in their versatility. You could decide to have it sequinned or beaded from head to toe or even fitted with an elaborate train.

Mermaid Gown
A mermaid gown. Photo credit - Pinterest

Unfortunately, a mermaid gown may not be suitable for every body type, especially if you're tilting towards the boyish angular figure. It's best to know what works for your body.

3. High-low gowns

A high-low wedding gown would be a great choice for a modern-day bride who cares little for conventionality and is ready to make a statement. It is practical and comfortable, with a longer length at the back (so an element of the tradition is still maintained) and a shorter length in front, for ease of movement. With the high-low wedding gown, the bride can easily showcase her legs, shoes and of course, her dance moves. So hear ye, stepper brides!

High low gowns
High-low gown. Photo credit - Bellanaijaweddings

4. The 2 in 1 convertible dress

Whoever said you can't eat your cake and have it had never seen a 2 in 1 convertible dress. Whether you're running on a tight budget and can't afford both a wedding dress and an after-party dress or you just want the best of both worlds, a 2 in 1 convertible dress is the way to go. The elaborate part of the dress can always be unfastened or unclipped when the time to groove comes.

2 in 1 convertible dress
2 in 1 convertible dress. Photo credit - Pinterest
2 in 1 convertible dress for wedding
2 in 1 convertible dress. Photo credit - Pinterest

5. Midi wedding gowns

If you're planning a low-key wedding or a court wedding, where the only thing that matters is that you get to spend the rest of your life with your husband-to-be, then you can opt for a midi gown. It's simple yet elegant and classy enough to still have you stand out.

Midi wedding gown
Midi gown. Photo credit - Omastyle Bride
midi wedding gown
Midi gown. Photo credit - Weddingdigestnaija

6. Champagne wedding gowns

It's a fact that not everyone likes the colour white, and if you're one of those, a lovely alternative would be a champagne wedding dress. It is said that the colour champagne represents elegance, naturalness, and joy of youth. A great benefit of a champagne wedding dress is that you get to wear it again easily with just a few adjustments!

champagne wedding dress
Champagne wedding gown. Photo credit - Brides
champagne wedding gown
Champagne wedding dress. Photo credit - Pinterest

I've highlighted six unique and stylish wedding gown ideas to guide you in choosing your dream wedding gown. I hope you make the best decision and end up looking like the queen that you are!

champagne wedding gown