5 Reasons Why E-Naira is Better Than Cash

Digital currencies are sometimes digital representations of their physical counterparts. An example of such is the e-Naira. Well, read on to see 5 reasons why e-Naira is better than cash.

This is another excellent feature of digital currency. It can be used anywhere. The usage of the e-Naira isn’t limited by country borders. Be it in Australia, China, or America, the e-Naira can be used there. Finally, a suitable means of exchange for cross-country trade!

2. It's universally accessible

3. E-Naira is safer and secure

Most times, anything “electronic” has more security than its physical counterpart. The same goes for the e-Naira. For starters, the e-Naira will be offered via electronic means only. So, from the comfort of your home, you can get the e-Naira. Also, you don’t have to worry about thieves. The security of the e-Naira is quite a force to reckon with.

4. With e-Naira, there’s no need for physical storage and manual accounting

Since the e-Naira will exist in a purely digital form, physical storage and manual accounting can be done away with. What a relief! Not everyone likes to sit over account books making sure every figure tallies. But won't my e-Naira be accounted for? Of course but not just by you necessarily. Because, anything and everything involving the e-Naira will be done electronically, every single e-Naira will be accounted for automatically.

5. E-Naira transactions can be made easily, quickly and at a low cost

Long queues in the bank are definitely out of the question! The icing on the cake? Low transaction costs! Much lower than your conventional GT Bank will charge.