Web Estimates

Published on: June 14, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Following our discussion at the meeting on Sunday (12.06.2022), below are the website estimates.


Product/ServiceCost Per Month ()Annual Cost (€)
VPS Web hosting6.9883.76
Domain nameBetween .99 to 2 euros23.88
Total = 107.64


Web hosting

In terms of web hosting, I think the above estimate is probably the best reasonable cost for a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The web hosting package would include:


4 vCPU Cores




50 GB NVMe

or 200 GB SSD

Data Transfer

32 TB Traffic

Unlimited Incoming

Though there are other packages with a bit higher prices, for the purpose of the organization, I think this VPS package would be ideal and sufficient. It is also worth noting that there are shared hosting services which usually start from around 2 euros per month. However, I would not recommend a shared hosting service because they are not usually able to handle high traffic, among other limitations.

In addition, with the VPS package, I can also set up a mail server for the organization (eg. example@gt10charity.com) without additional expenses.


A domain name (website name) as you might know usually cost between 0.99 – 2.00 euros per month. Also, when it is paid upfront (for a year or more), one might get a discount depending on the platform that is selling the domain name.


Michael Akerele