Underrated Reality Shows You Should Be Watching

Published on: April 29, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

It's unconventional? It's a reality show

Underrated reality shows
Underrated reality shows you should be watching

Reality shows over time have evolved from just being a platform to explore the concept of the real American family to televised competitive shows that border on topics scripted television shows wouldn't deem worthy or themes they deem not worthy for showbiz. The rise of reality shows like botched, American idol, bar rescue, drag race among others has driven home the concept that reality shows are not only about the voyeurism display of glamorous lifestyles of the American life. Reality shows now cut across the exploration of humanity, professions among others. This post highlights some underrated reality shows that are worthy of viewing.

If you find yourself looking for the real in reality shows, here are the underrated reality shows you should be watching right now:

Television reality shows you should be watching

Dr. Pimple Popper

Tlc medical reality show follows celebrity dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee as she treats patients with varying skin infections while also changing their lives in the process. Sounds like a makeover show? But it is more than that. Dr. Pimple Popper treats patients with life-altering skin issues.

While the show has a polarized view of popaholics who enjoys her content to others who find her content too graphic, the show is one of the rare reality shows that not only steered from mainstream reality shows but also explores the lives of the humans behind the issues. You can catch the first season on discovery+ and also follow for weekly updates on Tlc.

Top Chef

What's better than eating exotic foods? Watching brilliant minds create and cook exotic foods. This is a royal rumble event of professional chefs cooking and competing against each other for mind-blowing prizes while connoisseurs in the wine and food industry act as their judges. This sounds simple enough until you have your favorite contestants get eliminated and things get real fast. You can stream every season of top chef on Hulu.

Married at First Sight

Think of being together with someone without dating. Yes, that's married at first sight. Let's be real, looking for true love is a complicated messy journey. So if one can put their trusts in a team of experts to find the perfect match and then get married to that perfect match on your first meeting is the right way to go about it, then maybe everyone deserves a chance at one true love. And this is the premise of married at first sight. This is the closest to the real reality of what it means to find yourself in a stranger.

Amazing Interiors

This rare gem of a reality show is as amazing as the title if not enthrallingly breathtaking. The premise took the saying do not judge a book by its cover to heart to showcase homes with a rather bland exterior design but exceptionally beautiful interior designed rooms. Most of these homes can also be described as part-time museums. The prettiness of these homes can be quite addicting in an interesting way. You can stream the first season on Netflix.

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