Top Slang Words and Expressions From London Streets

Top Slang Words and Expressions From London Streets

Published on: August 20, 2023 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Immerse yourself in the colorful dialect of London, a vibrant city bursting with unique slangs and quirky colloquialisms that are as diverse and dynamic as its multicultural population. These slangs, often a bridge between various cultures and subcultures, are quintessential to understanding the language of the city's streets.

In this guide, we'll invite you to dive deep into the eccentric world of London slangs, enhancing your understanding of British culture and making your interaction with locals a delightful experience. Buckle up, because you're about to embark on a linguistic adventure!

The Basic

  1. "That's so lit, mate!": This is an enthusiastic way to say something is cool or amazing.
  2. "I'm just vibing, you know?": This means you're relaxing or enjoying yourself.
  3. "No cap, this is the best burger ever.": "No cap" is a way to stress that you're not lying.
  4. "She's a total flex.": To say someone is showing off or impressive.
  5. "That film was pure fire!": Another way to say something is excellent or awesome.
  6. "Init": Isn't it?. This slang is so common that it is not unusual for people to use it at the end of any sentence, word, or phrase.

Gen Z Slang About Relationships and Social Life

  1. "Are they a thing?": Asking if two people are dating.
  2. "You're giving me major FOMO!": "FOMO" stands for "Fear of Missing Out."
  3. "Just spill the tea!": A plea to share some gossip or news.
  4. "That's so sus.": Short for "suspicious," used when something doesn't seem right.
  5. "She ghosted him, it's peak.": To "ghost" is to ignore someone, and "peak" means it's unfortunate.

The Emotional Spectrum

  1. "I'm totally salty about that.": Feeling bitter or angry.
  2. "I'm lowkey stressed.": Admitting you're somewhat anxious, but not extremely so.
  3. "That's highkey annoying.": When something is very annoying.
  4. "I'm feeling so extra today.": Being very dramatic or over the top.
  5. "That's so cringe, bruv.": Finding something awkward or embarrassing.

Online and Tech

  1. "The meme is dank.": Meaning the meme is cool or funny.
  2. "I'm just scrolling through the 'Gram.": Browsing Instagram.
  3. "Your fit is so aesthetic.": Saying someone's outfit fits a particular style or look.
  4. "That YouTuber is a total mood.": Indicating that you can relate to someone strongly.
  5. "Let's start a group chat on Discord.": Suggesting to chat on the Discord platform.

Food and Lifestyle

  1. "I'm munching on some peng snacks.": "Peng" means attractive or tasty.
  2. "I need my daily boba fix.": Craving for bubble tea.
  3. "Let's get some cheeky Nando's.": Suggesting to go eat at Nando's casually.
  4. "That's a boujee drink.": Describing something as luxurious or high-class.
  5. "We're going for a sesh later.": Heading out for a session of drinking or socializing.

Music and Entertainment

  1. "That track slaps!": Saying a song is really good.
  2. "She's the GOAT.": GOAT stands for "Greatest Of All Time."
  3. "Let's binge-watch some Netflix series.": Watching multiple episodes in one go.
  4. "That's a total bop.": Another way to say a song is good.
  5. "The festival was a total vibe.": Meaning the event was fun and enjoyable.
  1. "I've got bare assignments.": Having a lot of assignments.
  2. "Let's collab on this project.": Short for "collaborate."
  3. "That exam was a total flop.": Saying the exam went badly.
  4. "The lecture was a total snore-fest.": The lecture was boring.
  5. "I need to hustle for that deadline.": Working hard to meet a deadline.

Miscellaneous Slang Expressions

  1. "Let's link up later.": Suggesting to meet up.
  2. "She's so woke.": Being aware of social and political issues.
  3. "He's a total hypebeast.": Someone obsessed with trending brands and styles.
  4. "The party was a total rager.": An extremely lively party.
  5. "I'm totally skint.": Being out of money.
  6. "That's totally peng!": Saying something is excellent or attractive.
  7. "I'm so gassed about the weekend!": Being very excited.
  8. "That was a close shave!": A narrow escape or near miss.
  9. "Don't get shirty with me.": Don't get short-tempered or snappy.
  10. "You're pushing your luck.": Testing someone's patience or boundaries.
  11. "Let's take a rain check.": Postponing plans for another time.
  12. "I'm feeling zonked.": Feeling extremely tired.
  13. "I'm just chilling, no dramas.": Relaxing without any worries.
  14. "Let's catch some z's.": Going to sleep.
  15. "I'm totally buzzed!": Feeling excited or thrilled.
  16. "Say no more": I understand you completely.
  17. "Say less: Similar to "say no more". It means the person understand what you're talking about.
  18. "Nuff said": Similar to "say no more" and "say less".
  19. "Allow it": Leave something the way it is or don't protest.

In conclusion, getting a handle on London slangs ain't half bad if you're chirpy about it. It's all about understandin' how the locals chat, innit? Just remember, every city has its own unique slang, and London's no exception. So, next time you find yourself in Londontown, you’ll be chuffed to know you can hold a convo with the best of 'em. 'Coz at the end of the day, chatting with the locals is a proper bang on way to experience the culture, right? Cheers, mate!

Disclaimer: Slang is ever-evolving, so some phrases may go out of fashion quicker than you can say "Guv'nor."


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