Top 5 Places to Meet Rich People in Lagos

Published on: April 15, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Top 5 places to meet rich people in Lagos - image of expensive drinks
Top 5 places to meet posh people in Lagos Nigeria

Who doesn't like the idea of meeting rich people in Lagos? I'm pretty sure nearly everyone does. I mean, as humans, we all like to be associated with nice, wealthy, and rich people. We like to hang around this type of people. Perhaps, they will rub off on us as well. It's one thing to desire to meet rich people, it's another to actually meet them. So, If you truly want to meet rich people in Lagos, you've got to be strategic about it. This post highlights the top 5 places to meet rich people in Lagos.

First of all, you have to realize that rich people aren't found in just any location. They hang around each other most of the time. So, if you'd love to meet them, you have to be willing to go the extra mile of going to meet them.

Okay, now that you are ready to find and meet rich people, the question is where? Alright! Let me help you with that. I'll show you 5 places where you can meet posh people in Lagos Nigeria.

Top 5 places to meet rich people in Lagos:

1. Murtala Muhammed Airport

We all know that only rich and posh people travel via air. So, whether you go to the local or international airport, it really doesn't matter because most of the people you're likely to meet there traveling or returning back from a trip are posh. 

Here's a tip to help you meet rich people at the airport. You can offer to go pick up a friend or family member who is just returning from a trip. You can also decide to travel by air on your next trip.

2. Radisson Blu hotel in Lagos

One of the places rich people hang out a lot in Lagos is in fancy hotels. For instance, in Radisson Blu Hotel, you don't have to lodge in because quite frankly, it's pretty expensive to do so. However, you can visit their restaurant for a meal, or you could go for a swim in their swimming pools. You could also just hang around quietly in the lounge or reception area.

Most rich people play games, have fun, relax and eat at fancy places like hotels. So, hanging out more around places like these will help you meet rich people. More fancy hotels you can visit are Sheraton Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Eko Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, etc.

3. EbonyLife place

EbonyLife place is one of the beautiful entertainment resorts in Lagos. It has a nice event hall, screening rooms, cinema, studio, rooftop bar, and other fun activities around. A lot of celebrities visit EbonyLife place for shows and events, to see a movie, or grab a bite. So, whichever activity you choose, you can be sure to meet rich people there.

4. Jara beach

Jara beach is a private beach in Lagos, perfect for vacation and holidays. Because it is a private beach, it is a calm and peaceful place where rich people like to go for relaxation. You can meet your next new posh friend by taking a day off to enjoy some time out at the beach.

5. Big churches in Lagos

You know, rich people also go to church. You can easily walk up to them and introduce yourself to them, start a conversation and become friends in no time. If you don't know how to start a conversation with people, you can read smart ways to start a conversation.

Some of the big churches in Lagos are COZA, House on the rock, Daystar Christian Centre, Enthronement Assembly, RCCG City of David.

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