Top 10 Restaurants in Ibadan City

Published on: June 7, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

If you happen to live in Ibadan or you're just here on a visit, this article highlights 10 of the best restaurants in Ibadan where you can eat the tastiest and sumptuous meals.

Everyone has lazy days when even cooking seems like the most arduous task. It could be that you don't even know how to (relax, no one is judging you), or maybe it's a special celebration and you need some more sparkle and shine, something different from the rice and tomato paste you eat every day.

Below are 10 of the best restaurants in Ibadan:

1. Cafe Chrysalis

Cafe Chrysalis in Ibadan
Photo credit - Cafe Chrysalis

If you're one of those who get really indecisive about food choices and can't decide if you'd prefer to have waffles, pancakes or maybe even jollof rice, Cafe Chrysalis is exactly the place for you.

Cafe Chrysalis is located within the confines of Bodija, Ilaro Street. It makes readily available a variety of meals ranging from international cuisines to Nigerian dishes, all at reasonable prices.

Cafe Chrysalis has an extremely cozy and homey feel about it that will have you relaxing and settling in in no time at all. It may prove a little difficult to locate if you're not exactly familiar with the area. In the end, the treasure is definitely worth the hunt. Just try not to get lost.

2. Ibachi (Ibadan Chinese Restaurant)

Ibachi (Ibadan Chinese Restaurant)
Photo credit - Chiiba

Ibachi is one of the finest restaurants in Ibadan. You might find yourself craving some Chinese fried rice with a sizeable portion of steaming hot sweet and sour pork, or maybe it's chicken and corn soup you desire, accompanied with some fresh spring rolls to munch on as you reminisce about the good old days.

With haste, grab your wallet and find your way to Ibachi. Located at 1, Theophilus Akinyele Way, New Bodija. Ibachi is home to exquisite Chinese and other Asian delicacies.

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant not only feeds your belly, it also feeds your eyes. The classic interior and fine dining experience makes it a great place not just for dates. Ibachi also corporate dinners, birthday celebrations and even engagement proposals. So bro, if you're planning to put a ring on it...

3. King Bistro and Grille

King Bistro and Grille Ibadan
Photo credit - King Bistro and Grille

This right here is just the location for your next date. Don't go to the mall. Don't Netflix and chill. No. Go to King Bistro and Grille first, then you can do all the Netflix and chilling right after. The ambience is particularly lovely and comfy, almost as if you're in the comfort of your own home. Of course, the food is just as good. They offer the best burgers, wraps and sandwiches in Ibadan with creamy milkshakes and smoothies to "step it down".

King Bistro and Grille is located at Honeymix Plaza, Suite 26, also in Bodija. Try to ask and be certain which outlet it is, so you don't waltz confidently into the wrong place and embarrass yourself.

4. Tamberma Restaurant and Bar in Ibadan

Tamberma Restaurant and Bar Ibadan
Photo credit - Tamberma

Perhaps you've never been camping and you're looking to enjoy nature to its fullest while savouring a meal, then Tamberma is one of the restaurants in Ibadan that you should consider. It is situated at Quarters 894, Revd Oyebode Crescent, Iyaganku.

The rustic theme, wooden furniture, surrounding trees and open-air outlook makes Tamberma one of the most aesthetic restaurants in Ibadan, especially at night when the string lights are set. Their menu is split into Nigerian, Indian, Chinese, Pizza and Grille alongside a variety of drinks.

Tamberma Restaurant Ibadan Photos

With side attractions like karaoke and live band performances, Tamberma is definitely a place worth trying. It might leave a small dent in your pocket depending, but we already know that nothing good comes cheap.

Tamberma Restaurant Ibadan Menu (as at 01.09.2022)

Below are photos taken from the Tamberma restaurant menu. The availability of items on the menu and prices might vary subject to the restaurant's discretion.

5. Arnheim restaurant in Ibadan

Arnheim mini golf in Ibadan
Arnheim mini golf in Ibadan. Photo credit - Adunsblog

Although it sounds like a place straight out of a horror movie, Arnheim is in fact not a haunted house. Rather, it's Ibadan's very own mini Disneyland. Located at 16, Kudeti Avenue, Onireke, Jericho, Arnheim encompasses an art gallery, a restaurant and bar, a coffee shop, an ice cream parlor and even a mini-golf course.

Like I said, mini Disneyland. The menu also provides several tasty food options at affordable prices. So Sunday afternoon, you and your family can head out to Arnheim, eat, relax and recharge for the week ahead. You sure need all the rest you can get before hitting the streets in this Nigeria.

6. Martha's Kitchen, Ibadan

Martha's Kitchen Ibadan
Martha's Kitchen, Ibadan. Photo credit - Ofadaa

Located along Sabo-Onireke road, Martha's kitchen sets itself apart with the air of class and elitism it presents. If you're looking to down several wraps of semo or eba in a sophisticated way, then you should be at Martha's.

Intercontinental dishes which are bound to leave you wanting more, are also available for choosing and it only gets better. Martha's Kitchen offers catering services alongside, so you can have them cover your weddings, birthdays, graduations and so on. You get to share the tasty goodness that is Martha's kitchen with all your guests as well.

7. Wimpy's restaurant Ibadan

Wimpy's Ibadan. Photo credit - Infoaboutcompanies.

Wimpy's is one of the oldest, long-standing restaurants in Ibadan, established by the Lebanese. It has a relaxing and comforting ambience, enhanced by the super boisterous owners and awesome customer service. Something most Nigerian establishments often lack.

It provides a large variety of Lebanese, Chinese and intercontinental meals, and if you happen to go there on your birthday, you just might get free ice cream. The waiting time might take a while, but good things are not only costly; they also take time. Located right on Onireke main road, Wimpy's also has a supermarket where the rarest and finest of ingredients and quality foodstuff can be found.

8. Five Continents restaurant in Ibadan

Five Continents Restaurant in Ibadan
Five Continents Restaurant, Ibadan. Photo credit - Fivecontinentsibadan

Maybe you've been longing to travel the world, five continents will take you around one decadent bite at a time. Tucked in the serene part of Jericho, Ibadan, right inside Golden Tulip's hotel, Five Continents encloses five different restaurants ( Nigerian, American, Chinese), all on an artificial island. Yes, there's water and fountains everywhere, and if you're a picture person you should definitely go to Five Continents. Take some amazing pictures and flood them! The scenery is just that spectacular. It's giving 100% Lagos vibes.

9. Kokodome restaurant Ibadan

Kokodome Restaurant in Ibadan
Photo credit - Kokodomeplus
Kokodome swimming pool
Kokodome swimming pool. Photo credit - Kokodomeplus

Kokodome is located in one of the oldest historical edifices in Ibadan, Cocoa House and boasts one of the best restaurants in Ibadan. Kokodome services people of different calibre, with the club for the nightcrawlers, the swimming pool for recreation seekers, and also a restaurant that offers a wide assortment of savoury Lebanese, Chinese and even local dishes for the hungry birds. Kokodome is also said to have the best barbeque chicken in all of Ibadan.

10. Latitude Cafe and Lounge

Latitude Cafe and Lounge
Latitude Cafe and Lounge. Photo credit - LatitudeCafe

Last but not least in the top 10 restaurants in Ibadan is Latitude Cafe and Lounge. Strategically located inside the Ventura Mall, Latitude Cafe gives off a really cool and urban aura. It offers great cocktails, organic and tasty dishes, ice cream and even vegetarian diets, if you prefer plants to meat. If you're looking to avoid someone though, do not go to Latitude Cafe, cause absolutely everyone goes there!

With the plethora of options to choose from, if you're currently in Ibadan, you have no reason to stay hungry. No reason at all. Head out to one of these best restaurants in Ibadan and hearken to your belly's cry.