Top 10 Outstanding Secondary Schools in Nigeria

Published on: June 16, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

When it comes to education, you should not just be getting it from anywhere but from the best instead. It would be best if you gave your child the luxury of attending a school with outstanding educational standards. Therefore, if you are looking for the best secondary schools in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. This article highlights 10 outstanding secondary schools in Nigeria.

top 10 outstanding secondary schools in Nigeria

Below are 10 of the best secondary schools in Nigeria

1. British International School (BIS)

British International School is undoubtedly one of the best secondary schools in Lagos, Nigeria. Students here learn many skills young, thanks to qualified educators and experts. The School has well-equipped hostels for boarding students and day programs. School offers both British education and a global atmosphere to Nigerians and expatriates. 

The Annual day fee of BIS is $17000 to $17000, and the boarding fee is $30000 to $30000. This factor makes the School one of Nigeria's most expensive secondary schools. 

2. Lifeforte International Schools

This Ibadan-based educational institute is one of Africa's most prestigious private schools. The School provides Nigerian, British, and American curricula for a world-class, afro-centric curriculum that prepares students to reach greater levels. Lifeforte alumni have an extremely high percentage of acceptance to premier colleges worldwide. While the School doesn't disclose its tuition fees, students of the School pay Millions to get a secondary education. 

3. The American International School of Lagos

For some time, Lagos has been home to the American International School, Lagos, Nigeria. Students from kindergarten through 12th grade can pursue an American education at the co-educational private School. It provides a good learning/working environment with the School's facilities. However, with a tuition fee of N5.5 Million, it is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Lagos. 

4. Greensprings School 

Greensprings School is also one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria, located in Lagos. Greensprings School provides kids with a well-rounded education to acquire essential skills. They also assist their students in achieving educational excellence and developing into great students. For a tuition fee of N3.185 Million, they provide top-notch education from elementary to post-secondary levels. 

5. Charles Dale Memorial International School

Not many schools in Port Harcourt and  Rivers State can compare to Charles Dale Memorial International School. The School offers students an international inquiry-based curriculum to develop critical thinking skills. This allows them to become lifelong learners. Getting a secondary education from this School will cost you N2,040,000 Million. 

6. King's College

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, King's College is one of the greatest Federal Schools. For generations, the School has demonstrated its academic brilliance. It has stood out as one of Nigeria's smartest schools. In terms of status, moral education, discipline, and academic success, King's College, Lagos, remains the top college today. It is one of the best tuition-free secondary schools in Nigeria

7. Vivian Fowler Memorial College

Vivian Fowler Memorial College is Nigeria's most prestigious all-girls secondary School. The School is likewise dedicated to instilling a desire for greatness and excellence in girls. It provides a well-rounded education that helps pupils build personal qualities. Also, to prepare them for life in Nigerian and international universities. The tuition cost for attending this all-girls secondary School is N2 Million. 

8. Hillcrest College

Hillcrest College is another high-quality secondary school in Jos, Nigeria, where you can enrol your child. Over the years, Hillcrest College pupils have consistently excelled in foreign and domestic tests. Even with its high tuition fees of N2.65 Million, the institution is renowned for intellectual and moral distinction.

9. Faith Academy

Faith Academy offers an affordable price and a p-notch education, environment, and facilities. This makes it one of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria. The Faith Academy offers a well-rounded, progressive education with a globally-recognized curriculum. Students who attend school will be well-prepared for life. The tuition fee range between 120,000 – 300,000 Naira per term. 

10. Crescent International School (CIS)

CIS is an excellent choice as a secondary school with lots of exposure. The private school is located in Lagos. CIS is rated highly for its international program. Cambridge and English National Curriculum standards form the foundation of this School's program. Its tuition fees at N2 Million are recorded as one of the most expensive secondary schools in Lagos.

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