Top 10 Best Business Niches in Nigeria 2022

Published on: June 22, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

The article highlights the top 10 business niches in Nigeria in 2022. In Nigeria today, there are so many business opportunities springing up, most especially in the digital market. But it seems as though these business spaces get filled up just as soon as they come.

What then do you think is the solution for upcoming businesses or brands?

Business niches in Nigeria

It's simple, just create your own niche out of an already existing market. Now if you're wondering what a niche is, don't think too far.
A business niche is simply a relatively small and specialized area of a much wider or broader market range that your business renders service to (usually the focus). Look at it as a small island on a relatively large continent.

For example, there are so many restaurants that sell food but you can create a niche by selling local foods and soups. That way you're unique even in a wide market space.

To pick a business niche suitable for you, all you have to do is look around your market and seek out a target audience that is slightly neglected and channel your energy and resources to ensure you satisfy their needs. I assure you, you would soon be a force to reckon with in your market space.

And so in this article, I will give a list of the top ten business niches available to be explored in flourishing business markets or industries, even in the digital world. But since we might not fully understand a niche without knowing the parent market, as a bonus, I'd give a brief overview of the businesses from which they are spawned.

A. Business niches in Nigeria that are spawned from social media marketing

This involves selling or promoting digital or even physical products or services using social media platforms and resources. Just recently, business owners have decided to up their game and take their products or service to the online market. And following this recent development, so many social media marketers have risen. Some are already gaining strong roots in their own market.

But this is not to put you off. Like I said earlier, if you would research the market and find a suitable niche yet to be fully explored, then you can cash out big time without having to deal with so much competition.

A few of the business niches available in the social media marketing world are:

1. Facebook Ads management

This involves running and managing Facebook ad campaigns to reach the target audience. It involves bringing sales conversion or increasing brand visibility depending on the business goal. But really this business niche would single you out if you're able to study specifically around it and bring in great results. See also Marketing Strategies For High Conversion Rates.

2. Twitter marketing

Twitter is a very powerful social media platform for marketing but not so many people are versatile in the skill and knowledge of its use. If you have a Twitter account and you can post engaging content to command attention and get the response you need then why not?

3. WhatsApp marketing

Yes, WhatsApp!!! So many people use WhatsApp for their businesses, some even have business accounts but still, they are not able to make enough sales or even build that strong customer relationship or engagement they want. They need WhatsApp marketers to help them promote their brands, connect with potential customers and in turn increase sales. And because they are not so many, you stand a chance to get in and take over the market. See also how to Connect With the Right People.

B. Business niches in Nigeria that spawned from food/catering service

Now let's take a look at this. I know you can name so many good restaurants or brands even without thinking too far but have you realized that many of the very successful ones keep to their space (niche)? Yes! And that's why you still stand a chance to succeed in this market.

A few of the top business niches available in this industry are:

4. Local food or cuisines

Now, this is one market that people haven't really opened up to. Imagine a restaurant that serves only local dishes and soups just the way they are usually prepared. The same taste, flavour and uniqueness and you're sure to get any local dish you demand (I'm not saying there aren't).

But if you really enjoy cooking and catering, you can decide to start a food business and focus on selling only local foods and soups; Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and basically dishes of any other tribe in Nigeria. You will be unique and before you know it, everyone knows this is what you do and you're respected for it.

5. Vegetarian foods

Some people have, for various reasons, decided to stick to a diet that involves just fruits and veggies. There are barely any restaurants that have this in mind. Strict vegetarian-cuisine-serving restaurants will enjoy the patronage of vegetarians. The number of people who feed strictly by diet increases on a daily basis. This might be based on the doctor's prescription, personal choice or even activism for animals.

This set of people enjoy a limited range of dishes and if you decide to channel your energy and resources into satisfying their needs, you can be sure to increase your customer base in a short while and record terrific sales.

6. Food for oldies

As people age, the kind of food that their age allows them to eat and enjoy differs from when they were younger. Old people are advised to take more protein, low cholesterol, high calcium and stuff like that. A special menu that caters for the needs of adults will help the level of patronage that your business enjoys to increase. People age every day and so we never run out

C. Fashion business (clothing & footwear)

The fashion industry keeps blossoming year in and year out and so many people are taking advantage by joining the fashion train.

If you're someone who loves fashion, style and outfits then you should try the following business niches:

7. Bridal wears design

As a fashion designer, you can specialize in sewing just wedding outfits like wedding gowns, classy dinner gowns that could serve as nice outfits for the wedding reception, bridal train outfits and so on. Basically, any outfit that you would surely need for a wedding even down to the robe for the bridal shower.

8. Unisex clothing

Many clothing designs that serve both the male and female gender have since sprung up in the fashion industry. You can go into the fashion world creating designs that would serve both males and females. It's an upcoming trend and so you can go all out and take over. Designing kimonos, two-piece outfits and even agbada could be a good place to start.

D. Cleaning service business niches in Nigeria

And just in case you're someone who takes cleaning as a hobby, then you can consider making money from it. They are so many people who are too busy to do their cleaning themselves. They need the services of cleaning agents so you can decide to target such people and offer you service.

A few niches to explore in cleaning service include:

9. Laundry cleaning service

I have met a lot of people who just enjoy washing clothes, they say it helps them relieve stress (weird right?!). Well if you're someone who actually enjoys washing then you could offer your service and get paid for it. That way you're earning money doing what you love.

10. Home cleaning service

If I had the chance, I wouldn't mind hiring someone to come do a thorough cleaning job in my apartment. I clean every day but now I'm talking thorough cleaning. If you're someone who doesn't mind doing the dirty job for others, then you could offer your service for a fee. There's not so much competition and so you can thrive well without being choked.

Not so many people have gone all-in to many of the business niches discussed in this article. This means there's a future for you if only you decide to take that step/journey towards becoming a strong force to reckon with in your business or market.