Those administered vaccination in Africa are considered “Unvaccinated”.

Published on: September 19, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Those administered vaccination in Africa are considered "unvaccinated". Following the outburst of the deadly coronavirus disease in December 2019, vaccination was established to protect people against this deadly disease. Different types of covid vaccines were produced and distributed to different countries around the world. However, the United Kingdom recently made a new travel rule regarding the Covid19 vaccination. It was stated that individuals who were administered vaccines in countries, like India, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Russia, and continents like Africa and South America are considered “unvaccinated” Therefore must follow the unvaccinated rules. They must provide the requirements and follow the rules that have been put in place by the UK government before they can successfully settle in the UK. These rules are as follows
  • They must provide their vaccination status on arrival in the UK
  • Self Isolation of 10 days after entering the UK
  • Covid test must be taken on or before day 2 after entering the UK
  • Further testing will be taken on day 8 after entering the UK
Following the response of the online audience on this information, particularly individuals from the countries mentioned, they express their dismay and dissatisfaction with this new rule.