The Rise and Fall of Nollywood Streaming Platforms

The Rise and Fall of Nollywood Streaming Platforms

Published on: September 11, 2023 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

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Nollywood boasts as one of the most prolific movie industries in the world, captivating audiences with its unique storytelling and vibrant cinematic expressions. However, despite the industry's unprecedented growth, its streaming platforms seem to be spiraling towards a concerning decline as major global players enter the Nigerian market.

The Glory Days of Iroko TV and the Entry of Giants

Iroko TV, a platform that was hailed as the home of Nollywood content, is a staple example. At launch, it soared in popularity on the back of masterpieces like "Picture Perfect", "When You See Me", and many others. However, the frequency of movie publications on the platform seems to be on a downward trajectory, raising concerns of a slow phasing out.

The overarching reason for this downward slide is the entry of the colossal streaming service, Netflix, into the Nigerian movie industry. This international juggernaut has published many Nollywood movies on its platform, promising profitable figures that could potentially outmatch what local streaming platforms offer.

The Lure of Netflix and the struggle for local platforms

Presumably, if actors and producers can make more revenue from streaming their content on Netflix, it could pose a significant challenge for Nigerian streaming platforms. This is because they may struggle to secure content or offer attractive enough remunerations to motivate actors to create content for their platforms. Therefore, the expansion of Netflix into the Nollywood territory perhaps signals a threatened future for its local contenders.

The Impact of YouTube and the Monetization Advantage

The advent of YouTube as a movie streaming platform has also contributed to the stiff competition local Nigerian platforms face. Many actors and content creators are leveraging the monetization feature on YouTube to earn from their movie streams. This alternative source of income makes the competition even steeper for local streaming platforms, as they must now strive to match or surpass what YouTube offers in terms of profitability.

The Pressure from Amazon and Other Global Platforms

The competition isn’t just from Netflix and YouTube. Other international platforms, such as Amazon, are creeping their way into the Nigerian movie-streaming domain. They bring with them an enormous customer base, vast content libraries, and deep pockets – a combination that can make survival difficult for Nollywood streaming platforms.


As Nollywood continues to churn out rich content that captures global attention, it is critical for local movie streaming platforms to leverage this growth rather than succumb to global players. To retain their relevance, they need innovations and strategies that allow them to compete on an equal footing with international platforms. It's a challenging feat, no doubt, but not impossible if they can offer what viewers, actors, and producers find irresistible.


Michael Akerele