So Much in a Slap - Will Smith Slap Saga

Published on: April 3, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

So much in a Slap!!! Will Smith slap aftermath We all have our defining moments when things and events orchestrate circumstances to work in our favour. For some, they embrace it and make the most of the moment, while for some, they mess up and experience the South drop, as in the case of the Will Smith slap saga. When Chris Rock anchored the Oscar Award event, little did he know what God and the Universe had in store for him. Unfortunately, one little joke that involved Jada Pinkett's hair loss condition didn't sit well with her husband, Will Smith, and he was smacked on the cheek in a most embarrassing manner right in front of a shocked audience at the event. Truth is as visibly shaken as the 57-year-old Stand-Up comedian is. Chris Rock has decided to be Choosey on talking about the event and that decision alone has netted him a whooping £2m, a sold-out comedy show, a scramble of big TV show hosts Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres pitching for who would first have a sit-down interview with him on their show. A few days after the show, the stand up comic had hosted his show and refused to talk about the event, choosing instead to focus on doing what he does best - making jokes. When the Lord admonishes us to turn the other cheek, he wasn't playing with words. Now our man Chris Rock's decision has not only stepped up his brand but has stepped up his financial portfolio and made him richer. From what we gather, Chris Rock will still comment on the event at a time and moment convenient for him.  Things aren't looking good for Will Smith at the moment and that's a story for another time. Till then, always turn the other cheek like Chris Rock, and you just might be smiling to the bank.