Read this before visiting Nigeria

Published on: February 16, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Things you should know before visiting Nigeria

If you are visiting Nigeria for the first time, then be sure to go with the mindset of adventure before visiting Nigeria.

You know, Nigeria is such a beautiful country with so many people of diverse culture and tribes. So, be prepared to see and eat all kinds of delicacies, visit places you never knew existed, and of course, experience the lifestyle of the people. I can say for a fact that visiting Nigeria would be fun. However, you also need to be mindful of some things if you want to enjoy your stay in the country.

Okay! Let’s get to it. I’ll tell you 7 things that you should know before visiting Nigeria.

1. Save your money by doing certain things by yourself

Things you should know before visiting Nigeria
If it’s no stress, then do it yourself

On arrival at the airport, which is in Lagos, Nigeria, the most populated city in the country, you’ll meet a lot of people who would offer to help with your luggage or to get a cab. My advice, if it’s no stress, then do it yourself. You could get one of those luggage carriers or trolleys to ease the burden of dragging so many suitcases at once. Once you have all of your luggage on the carrier, instead of handing it over for someone to move around, do it yourself. That will save you some extra cash. Otherwise, you’d have to tip the individual.

2. Nigeria is hot

If enjoying sunshine all year round is something you’d like to experience, then visiting Nigeria is a good option or choice for that. Nigeria is generally warm all year round. As a matter of fact, most people turn on their ACs in their cars, at home or in the office nearly all the time.

Yes, the weather varies from place to place, but it’s never extremely cold. It doen’t snow in Nigeria. The weather also gets cooler during the harmattan season. It runs from December to mid-February or March. However, the cold is hardly unbearable.

So, here’s a piece of advice. You might want to consider coming along with your sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s rays. You could also purchase one when you get into the country.

3. Nigerian foods are spicy

Nigerian food called jollof rice

Before visiting Nigeria, be prepared for spicy food. Nigeria, the giant of Africa is rich in food. There are so many different options from the different tribes in the country. However, most of the meals in Nigeria are prepared with a lot of spice. Nigerians love spicy foods.

Remember what we said earlier about adventure? Again, visiting Nigeria should be like going on an adventure where you’re willing to try anything. Once, you get a hold of the spicy food, you’d love it.

Some dishes that you can try out are, jollof rice, pounded yam and egusi soup or vegetable soup, amala and ewedu soup, starch and oha soup or banga soup, ewa agoyin, etc.

Note that if you don’t like spicy foods, you can ask for your meals to be prepared with very little quantity of pepper.

4. Do not expect a regular power supply

Well, one of the challenges you should be aware of before visiting Nigeria is the problem of power outage from time to time. Nearly every Nigerian owns a generator to deal with the irregular supply of power.

If you are going to be lodged at a hotel the entire time you’re in the country, it might not be so much of a struggle because the generators come on almost immediately.

5. Catching the bus is a struggle

Catching the bus in Nigeria

The public transport in Nigeria isn’t as fun as you’d like it to be. The drivers don’t work with strict schedules. Besides, most of the buses aren’t even comfortable enough.

A preferred option or alternative would be to opt for an Uber or Taxify. They work perfectly in the country. You could also make use of local taxis. However, when you are not in a hurry and are up for an adventure, I suggest you try the bus.

6. Always have enough cash on you

Some restaurants in Nigeria only accept cash

Yes, some states and cities in Nigeria now encourage cashless society, but you might encounter a few challenges in some places if you don’t have enough cash. Some cities and businesses may not accept card payment. So, to avoid being stranded, always go out with some cash.

Thankfully, there are ATMs around the country, so you can easily do your transactions from time to time.

7. Nigeria is a safe place

Nigeria is a safe place to visit and Nigerians are friendly. Everyone’s allowed to walk the street freely and interact with others.

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