Popular Nigerian Slang Words


We think it would be fun to create a list of popular Nigerian slang words. Nigerians use slang words a lot in communication. Some of these slang words could sound like English words but are mostly pidgin English. Some are just made-up words with uniform meanings across the country.

Below are some slang words that are frequently used by Nigerians.

There are currently 11 slangs in this directory

Chop life
To have fun or enjoy life.

Gist or Jist
Could mean banter, gossip, or friendly dialogue. Example: Let's have a gist.

In Hausa language, this means tomorrow. In southern parts of Nigeria, Gobe is a popular slang that means trouble.

How every?
How is everything going.

Yoruba slang. Means something trivial.

Being Fashionable or Prideful
Submitted by: Chiamaka

To enjoy

This slang could mean a nonentity or idler.


Wetin dey?
What's going on? What's happening? etc

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