Plans Dropped For Will Smith's Biopic After Slap

Published on: April 5, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

The butterfly effect of the Will Smith slap

The butterfly effect or will I say the Ripple effect is real. In the world of showbiz everyone has to be careful because one wrong move, one wrong misstep could result in a South Drop of epic proportions.

Following the "slap that rocked the world" scandal that took place at the 94th Oscars between Will Smith and Chris Rock over a joke made to Jada Pinkett, there seems to be no end to Will's downward slide.

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Netflix and Apple+ drop plans for Will Smith's biopic

The latest in the news is that Netflix and Apple+ have quietly pulled out their bid to do A Biopic on Will Smith's life citing reasons of Will being a risky and lousy business at the moment, opting instead for stars like Mike Epos and Michael B Jordan.

The decision made by these two brand giants came on the heels of the 94th Oscars Chris Rock slap event. Until now both Netflix and Apple+ have been having a bidding war on who'll win the bid to do a biopic on Will Smith last month based on his best selling autobiography which came out last year.

At the moment, Will is keeping a low profile while he rides the storm. The truth is no one is perfect and every celeb has at one point in their career dealt with a South Drop moment and rebounded from that to become better role models in future.

Though the Academy has accepted his apology but has decided to go through with disciplinary measures ahead of April 18 which could make him lose his Oscar Best Actor Award for his role as King Richard among many other fallouts involving his future movie engagements on the Bad Boy 4 movie deal.

When the axe falls on a celebrity in moments like this it's usually a hard one. I hope Will Smith learns from this and uses it to forge a better brand for himself in the future. The question is are we gonna see the end of Will Smith after the April 18 hearing? That's a question we're hoping won't come true.