People Need To Be More Educated About Africa

Yesterday the 18th of September, the famous American Rapper Meek Mill put up a post on Instagram that caught the attention of millions of online viewers. 

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In his post, he revealed how the African herbs which are known as Kola nut and bitter kola commonly known to the Nigerian Yoruba culture as ‘agbo Jedi’ saved him from severe stomach upset that he has had for over 2 years after doctors tried all they could and there barely had been any good result. 

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This should therefore bring awareness to African Herbs, as they are medicinal plants of the African traditional healthcare system that helps to prevent diseases and illnesses. These plants, which are known as herbs are also used in preparing foods, to add flavour to meals and as a preservative.  

Humanity should be more accepting of the African culture and not only depend on foreign medications for good health but also be familiar and open to traditional and medicinal herbs.

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Meek Mill


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