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How to Write a Blog Post – 5 Essential tips

Learning how to write a good blog post is not a rocket science. Keep it simple. Usually when people search for information on the internet, their search would produce different results depending on the search query. For instance a search for ‘how to take out a sim card from a phone’ would likely produce blog posts. Whereas a search for ‘the system of governance in Nigeria’ would likely produce more of academic articles (aka journals). It is thus necessary to keep your audience in mind when writing a blog post.

Freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria

You could blog on Scrollforth in many ways, one of which is through posting on the activity wall. When you sign in to your Scrollforth account and 'write something' on the activity wall, it is counted as a blog. Likewise when you post other media such as a picture or video, you are actively blogging. These are sort of like mini blogs but you would still receive monetary rewards. You should however desist from posting other people's work or content as your own. Doing so might constitute a breach of intellectual property right.