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The Search For Truth About Mohbad's Cause of Death Intensifies

The Search For Truth About Mohbad's Cause of Death Intensifies
Search for truth about Mohbad's cause of death intensifies

In the wake of Nigerian musician Mohbad's tragic death on September 12, 2023, finger-pointing on social media platforms has been rife, with controversies surrounding the circumstances of his demise. The late musician's worrisome video clips continue to surface online, portraying him as a victim of regular physical assaults and threats to his life, significantly contributing to the escalating tensions.

In particular, reactions have heightened following one of Mohbad's assertions that if he were to die, Marlian Music should be blamed. This has triggered an outpouring of anger on social media towards Naira Marley, the CEO of the label, leading to demands for his prosecution.

Eyes are also turned on Sam Larry, who has been linked with Mohbad and has affiliations with Naira Marley. Accusations have been hurled at him, resulting in a wave of vitriolic online reproach. However, Larry has since denied any involvement in Mohbad's death, reaffirming his innocence in a video post, emphasizing that Mohbad was a close friend, and he harbored no ill will towards him.

Naira Marley has responded to the ongoing turmoil by posting his condolences regarding Mohbad's passing on Instagram. Regrettably, the comment section was closed at the time of writing, possibly because of the onslaught of derogatory remarks.

The possibility of drug abuse by Mohbad has also been put on the table, with many suggesting that this could have driven the artist to act erratically and impacted his mental health.

Meanwhile, a heart-wrenching social media post was spotted on Mohbad's account today, presumably made by his relatives. The post lamented the tragic circumstances of his death and promised to cooperate with any investigations, while also noting that the late Mohbad was fighting to regain control of his songs and unpaid royalties from Marlian Music.

As declarations of love and respect for Mohbad flood the cyber world, his fans, colleagues, and family keenly await the unraveling of the truth surrounding his untimely death.

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