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Rema Wins Best Afrobeats Award at MTV VMAs 2023

Rema Wins Best Afrobeats Award at MTV VMAs 2023
Rema and Selena Gomez at the MTV VMAs 2023

The Dawn of Afrobeat: Rema Wins Best Afrobeats Award at MTV VMAs 2023 for 'Calm Down' in collaboration with Selena Gomez, Surpasses 1 Billion Spotify Streams

In what can only be described as a new era for Afrobeat music, the unstoppable Nigerian musical phenomenon, Rema has scooped the Best Afrobeats Award at the prestigious Video Music Awards (VMA) 2023. 'Calm Down,' the hit song that features pop diva, Selena Gomez, not only took home the accolade but also went on to hit a record-shattering 1 billion Spotify streams, taking the world by storm and rocketing Afrobeat into the global limelight.

Since its release, 'Calm Down' has been all the rage, captivating both Afrobeat fans and mainstream music enthusiasts. Its irresistible rhythm, powerful beats, and contagious melody demonstrate the dynamic fusion of Afrobeat and pop music. Rema's innovative sounds and Selena Gomez's famous pop twist ensured that the song resonated with a global audience and consequently, catapulted Afrobeat to the forefront of music genres.

It's an amazing feeling to have won the VMA award for the Best Afrobeat song. It's even way more special because the song has been able to gain over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Selena Gomez, who looked ravishing in a smart and sexy red dress at the VMA, also expressed her excitement over the song's monumental success. Regardless of geographical boundaries and cultural differences, music finds a way to bring everyone together, and Afrobeat is doing just that.

Selena Gomez at the MTV VMAs 2023

This collaborative masterpiece, with Rema's distinct Afrobeat rhythm coupled with Gomez's enchanting pop touch, has successfully connected with a widespread international audience, marking an unprecedented achievement for Afrobeat music.

Winning the VMA 2023, marks a milestone moment for Rema, solidifying his reign as a global Afrobeat sensation. This latest feat is testament to Rema's unique ability to weave traditional and contemporary sounds into a globally loved musical tapestry. It also showcases Selena Gomez's continued diversity and adaptability, venturing successfully beyond pop and embracing the Afrobeat sound.

Other Artists Nominated For the Afrobeats Award at the MTV VMAs 2023

Rema's "Calm Down" emerged victorious in the highly competitive category that featured works from other celebrated African artists. Artists such as Ayra Starr, Burna Boy, Davido, Fireboy DML and Asake, Libianca, and Wizkid had all been nominated in this year's Afrobeats category at the MTV VMAs.

Looking back at the entries, Ayra Starr had received the nomination for her vibrant and enthusiastic song "Rush." In contrast, Nigerian superstar Burna Boy was up for the award with his stirring hit "It's Plenty." Meanwhile, the Nigerian-American singer Davido, in partnership with Musa Keys, had charted a nomination for the magnetically catchy tune "Unavailable."

The duo Fireboy DML & Asake, known for their melodious Afrobeats, had also clinched a nomination with the party-starter song "Bandana." Libianca, with her unique blend of Afrobeats and soulful harmonies, was nominated for her moving track "People." On top of that, international sensation Wizkid, in conjunction with Ayra Starr, was shortlisted for the potent hit "2 Sugar."

However, the night belonged to Rema, as his euphonic blend of Afrobeats and Latin-pop in "Calm Down" came out on top. The song, heavily layered with rhythmic drum beats and serenaded with lyrical richness, has been a crowd favorite ever since its release. The fiery combination of Rema's energetic performance and Selena Gomez's melodious crooning had sent ripples across both continental and global charts and playlists.

What Does the Afrobeats Award Mean For Rema?

This achievement not only endorses Rema and Selena Gomez's incredible talent but also signifies the evolving recognition of Afrobeat by major international awards such as the VMA. It shines a spotlight on the rise of Afrobeat as a driving force in defining the global sound, streaming top charts, and rewriting music history.

With Afrobeat musicians like Rema leading the charge, the future of this pulsating genre is as bright as ever. And combined with global stars like Selena Gomez lending their talents, the reach and appeal of Afrobeat continue to grow and captivate audiences worldwide.

Rema's VMA 2023 Best Afrobeats award and the tremendous success of 'Calm Down' signals a strengthened global music industry unified by quality and diversity. As the Afrobeat genre continues to resonate with music lovers across the world, artists like Rema are not just breaking barriers; they're setting new standards.

Rema and Selena Gomez with their chart-topping song 'Calm Down' where also nominated for the Best Collaboration award. Although the duo of Karol G and Shakira grabbed the top spot with their fiery performance of the track 'TQG'. Yet still, the recognition earned by 'Calm Down' elevated its standing in the competitive global music scene.

Reporting on the evolving music landscape, particularly as it pertains to the revolutionary Afrobeat genre, remains a top priority. Stay tuned for more updates and insights about this dynamic music style and its phenomenal rise to global fame.





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