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Naira Marley Responds to Accusations Surrounding Mohbad’s Death

Naira Marley Responds to Accusations Surrounding Mohbad’s Death
Naira Marley

Naira Marley Responds to Accusations Surrounding Mohbad’s Death, Denies Involvement Openly

Public Speculation and Accusations

The untimely death of Mohbad has been shrouded in controversy and mystery, with many members of the public pointing fingers at Naira Marley. Marley, a well-known music artist, has been at the centre of these speculations given his public expressions of condolence to Mohbad's family on 15th September 2023, which led to questions about the nature of his involvement.

Naira Marley has encountered a significant blow to his popularity following the death of fellow musician, Mohbad. Thousands of followers have reportedly abandoned his social media platforms in the aftermath, highlighting the severity of the public sentiment against Marley amidst the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's untimely demise.

This exodus of followers is reflective of the highly speculative and accusatory environment that has enveloped Marley post-Mohbad's death. Marley has found himself at the centre of numerous allegations suggesting his involvement in Mohbad's death, accusations he has categorically and vehemently denied.

Naira Marley's Response to Allegations

On 26th September 2023, Naira Marley took to social media to address the disturbing allegations. Unlike his previous statement, this one was open to public comment at the time of reporting, implying a willingness to engage in conversation around the ongoing investigations surrounding Mohbad's death. Marley vehemently denied any involvement, either direct or indirect, in the death of his fellow artist.

Comment on Role in Investigation

In his statement, Naira Marley communicated his intention to cooperate fully with the government investigation, disclosing that he had been out of the country since 31st August 2023.

He assured his fans and the general public that he is willing to return home to aid the authorities in their inquiries and ensure that the truth prevails.

Marley Discusses Relationship with Mohbad

Marley also touched on his relationship with the late Mohbad, recounting that Mohbad's departure from Marlian Music had resulted in ongoing legal discussions; yet, despite their differences, he bore no ill will. Marley emphasized that their business disagreements would never have driven him to wish death on Mohbad, much less cause it.

Commitment to Seeing Justice Prevail

Finally, the music star continued to assert his innocence amid the ongoing investigation, expressing his belief in the justice system. He implored everyone to trust in the legal process and affirmed his commitment to seeing that justice is served for the late Mohbad.


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