Moyo Lawal Issues Legal Threat in Regard to Leaked Sex Tape

Moyo Lawal Issues Legal Threat in Regard to Leaked Sex Tape

Moyo Lawal - Nollywood Actress

Published on: September 10, 2023

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has issued a stern threat of impending legal action in response to a sexually explicit video of her that has been leaked and circulated online. The video, which surfaced online and quickly went viral on September 9, 2023, has sparked outrage and sympathy from fans and followers.

Breaking her silence over the scandal, she expressed her outrage and distress in an Instagram post on Sunday stating, "A private video of mine a while ago has been inappropriately shared without my consent... Its unauthorized distribution is a breach of my personal boundaries."

Speaking on the incident, Lawal explained that the video was filmed when she was involved with her ex-partner, someone she had intended to marry at the time. She emphasized that the video was never meant for public consumption and its distribution without her consent constitutes a severe invasion of her privacy.

In her post, Lawal stressed her history of maintaining strict control over her sexuality, stating that she has been celibate for a few years and had purposely led a solitary life, refusing to date frequently. She expressed her determination not to let this invasion of her privacy shatter her composure.

Lawal thanked those who have supported her during this trying period, saying, "I appreciate the support and understanding of those who have reached out to me during this challenging time. Please know that your kindness and goodwill means the world to me."

Alongside the statement, Lawal added that this would be her first and last comment concerning the controversial incident. Despite the distressing circumstances, she appreciates the ongoing support from her fans. Lawal assures her followers that legal actions will commence against the individuals responsible for the breach of privacy, marking a serious turn in the incident.


Author: Michael Akerele