Mohbad's Mother Breaks Silence Over Son's Death

Published on: September 17, 2023

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The mother of the late Nigerian rapper, Mohbad, has broken her silence over the circumstances surrounding her son's demise. She claims that the rapper's death was not due to natural causes and has called for justice to be carried out.

In an emotionally charged video statement, she alleges that Mohbad was handed a suspicious bottle of water to drink and had not been the same since consumption. She argues her son's state of well-being started to deteriorate rapidly following the incident.

“Mohbad was given a water to drink. After drinking the water, he was never himself again. I need justice for my son,” she said in the video.

Her statement over the suspicious drink echoes an earlier narrative attributed to Mohbad before his demise. A recently emerged video shows the rapper speaking of a similar scenario. In the video, Mohbad is seen laid up in a hospital bed, in clear distress as he narrated his ordeal.

The video shows the rapper in what appears to be a hospital room, recounting how he was handed a bottle of water to drink. Despite the evident pain, the rapper bravely narrated his story, alleging he had been given a suspicious water to drink that subsequently led to his deteriorated health.

The late rapper's mother is now pleading for a thorough investigation into her son's death, hoping justice will vindicate him. It remains unclear who is responsible for giving the rapper the suspicious water, but the late rapper's mother's insistence on justice suggests she may have suspicions.

The news of Mohbad's sudden death shocked fans across the globe and sparked an outpouring of grief on social media. Several friends and colleagues from the music industry have also shared their condolences and fond memories of the deceased rap star. Despite the tragic loss, the legacy of Mohbad as one of Nigerian's influential young rappers continues to live on through his music.

Author: Michael Akerele