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Ice Cube Claps Back at Elon Musk Over Tweeted Meme

Ice Cube Claps Back at Elon Musk Over Tweeted Meme
Elon Musk vs Ice Cube

In a recent comical digital showdown, iconic rapper Ice Cube clapped back at Tesla's billionaire CEO Elon Musk in meme-filled retaliation. Musk had posted a quirky meme on his x (used to be Twitter) account on Thursday, poking fun at Ice Cube. The post captivated the public's interest and quickly began trending as users retweeted it across the platform.

Musk had uploaded a meme of Ice Cube's old-school photograph side-by-side with an image of a glass of water. Adding fuel to the fire, Musk captioned the post, "Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?" - a common meme format playfully teasing the rapper's moniker.

Elon Musk's funny Ice Cube meme

However, Ice Cube took the online banter in stride and decided to hit back with a comical counter-strike quickly. Later the same day, he retweeted Musk's post and added a meme of his own. Using another play on words, Ice Cube's meme featured an illustration of the former Twitter logo (a bird) next to an incinerator enveloped in flames. The rapper cheekily responded, "Remember Twitter? This is it now, feel stupid yet?"

Ice Cube claps back at Elon Musk

This comical exchange between the two high-profile personalities quickly caught traction with x users, leading to their memes becoming viral on the platform. From heated Tesla updates to playful banter with celebrities, Musk continues to keep his followers entertained, with Ice Cube proving he's no exception when it comes to digital standoffs.


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