Never Let Success Blind You - A Must Read

Never Let Success Blind You - A Must Read

Never let success blind you

Published on: September 10, 2023 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

In a small, quiet town nestled in the hills of Virginia lived a man named Daniel Brampton. A simple and hardworking man, Daniel had always found solace in his modest living. His day job as a store clerk barely provided him with his daily needs. He managed to save only 2000 dollars from his earnings, his only treasure.

One fateful evening, after a long day at work, Daniel sat in front of an old box-shaped television set. With a hopeful heart, he began to watch the National Lottery Draw. Coins jingled nervously in his heart: his numbers were 3-11-27-29-36-47-50, and he had bet them more times than he could count, although his winnings were typically meager.

But the stars aligned on this particular day, as TV presenter began reading the winning numbers. They announced "3, 11, 27, 29..." Each number was like music to Daniel's ears. By the time they reached "50," he could hardly believe what he was hearing. He double-checked his ticket, his fingers trembling, and a laugh teetered on the edge of his lips.

The unthinkable had happened, his numbers had won the lottery! Tears welled up in his joy-filled eyes, and a peal of laughter finally escaped him. The man who only had 2000 dollars to his name had won millions.

Overwhelmed with joy and disbelief, he rushed out to the local bar where he spent lavishly on drinks, champagne and more. The clatter and the cheer around weren't just sounds anymore, they were music—a sonnet of his celebration, his joy. The people around him were not strangers, but companions sharing his euphoria.

The thrill of being more than just Daniel the store clerk was intoxicating. He no longer had to count each dollar before spending. In an impulsive burst of joy and abandon, he even called his boss to resign, wishing to finally live a life beyond counting pennies.

But fate has a way of catching up to life’s sudden joys. Upon returning home, Daniel saw that the lottery telecast was not yet over. So much lost in his celebrations, he had forgotten to check the entire report. The presenters were announcing that the jackpot had several winners that day, and the final amount disbursed to each winner was.....

Daniel's heart pounded in his chest as he waited for the final amount, wishing it to be a prank. But as the screen flickered and showed "467 Dollars," his heart sank. His joy transformed to sorrow instantaneously, as the cruel reality hit him hard.

Daniel’s elation vanished, replaced with regret. His savings were spent, his job was lost, and the grand prize he’d imagined was nothing but a meager sum. An overwhelming sense of loss drowned him, and he spent the night reminiscing the fleeting moments of joy that crumbled under the brute hands of reality.

The lottery ticket that was supposed to be his ticket to a life of grandeur and freedom, became a symbol of his folly and haste. Mounting bills, jobless, with just a couple of hundred dollars to his name, Daniel wished he'd waited till the end of the news, to not let his euphoria get the best of him. It was a lesson learnt the hard way - a premature celebration ended up costing him everything he had.

Despite the harsh reality, the incident taught Daniel a crucial lesson. He began to understand the fragility of his dreams and how valuable his hard-earned money was. He would rise again, stitch his life back, yet this time with more wisdom, and a story - A story that reminded him to never let success blind him, a story that he could pass on, a tale basking in the tragic comedy of life.

* The above story is a fiction and any semblance to real person or place should be regarded as a mere coincidence.


Michael Akerele