Networking Activities For Nigerian Students

Published on: April 3, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

This post highlights productive networking activities for Nigerian Students. Networking is basically the process of making connections and building relationships. It is an important aspect of the society today which cannot be ignored especially if you want to grow your career or business. More so for students in Nigeria. With the rising rate of unemployment in the country, students have to start making the right connections early to secure a sound future.

Networking activities for Nigerian students

Networking comes with a myriad of benefits as well. Such benefits include; increased knowledge, promotion of career, access to job opportunities, building of self-confidence, and the likes.

Making the necessary connections is imperative for building a solid career. Meeting professionals or individuals in your field could bring great opportunities which could give a good head-start in business or career.

But how do you network as a student?

The only way to network and build connections is to engage in networking activities. Thankfully, Nigerian higher institutions are hubs for networking. Filled with young and vibrant students, it is an ideal place for building good strong networks.

Below are my top 5 networking activities for Nigerian students:

5. Round-table discussions

This is an ideal activity for students with similar interests to get to know more about one another. It is an avenue for exchanging ideas and increasing knowledge. The purpose of round-table discussions is to encourage respectful and organized conversations. Each person at the round-table has a turn to speak. All attention is focused on the person speaking until his turn ends and the next person takes over.
Round-table discussions are ideal for identifying those that share similar interests with you and making long term connections.

4. Happy hour meetups

Happy hour meet up is a great networking activity for Nigerian students

This is a more relaxed form of networking. Students can meet up at a restaurant or some other outdoor location for this form of networking. Everyone can be entertained with drinks and snacks, or anything to keep the atmosphere casual while being addressed by a professional. Happy hour meetups are good for students to get to know professionals in their line of study on a more personal level. That way, chances of building a strong future career are high, especially for those about to graduate.

3. Workshops

This is a great networking activity for students to improve their skills while building connections. During workshops, you get the chance to engage a professional in your line of study, while learning directly from them. This way, you not only get the chance to learn the skill, but also to build a bond with professional individuals and workmates.

2. Career fairs

For students who are just getting their feet into their choice of career, this event is just perfect for networking. Lots of Nigerian Universities organize career fairs for students to attend of which many company representatives are invited.

Career fairs are great opportunities for students to introduce themselves to company representatives and ask questions. Students also have the opportunity to present their resumes and have a higher chance at employment in the future.

1. Seminars

Seminars are among the most common networking activities for Nigerian students. These events pack quite a number of people, and is an ideal atmosphere for making new connections. Experts and professionals are invited to speak on a topic specific to a particular industry. Also, there is usually time allocated before or after the seminars where students engage with experts. Because of the large number of people usually in attendance, chances of growing your network are even higher.



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