Make Money as a Photographer in 6 Ways

Published on: January 11, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Making money as a photographer in 6 ways Make money as a photographer in 6 ways

In this post, I will show you how you can make money as a photographer in 6 ways. Photography can be a very good source of income whether you are doing it full time or just for some extra cash. There are many people out there that love photography and take great photos as a hobby and would love to make some money off it. You might be into portraits, weddings, landscapes, fashion or nature photography. Whatever the area you specialize in, as long as you have honed photography skills, you can make money as a photographer.

How to make money as a photographer in 6 ways

1. Teach photography

You can make money from teaching photography

So many professions and artisans share their knowledge with others and make extra cash in return. It's the same for photographers as well. Whatever niche you choose to specialize in, there is always ample knowledge you can share with others.

Leverage on the online community. The best place to find prospective students is the internet. You can invest in gadgets and give YouTube tutorials. Or you could apply to become a tutor on online course websites like Skillshare or Udemy. But before going into teaching, you need to be sure that you are qualified to teach adequately. If not, you might want to first acquire the necessary skills to teach.

2. Sell images on stock photography sites

2. Sell on Stock Photography Sites

You get paid each time your image is downloaded

There are many stock photography sites you can register on and start selling your works. You upload your photos on these sites, and they will be sold as royalties to those who need them. You get paid every time your image is downloaded.

There are many popular stock photography sites you can choose from. Some of the most populate ones are Getty images, Istockphotos, ShutterStock, Fotolia etc. If you want to make it a major source of income, you might want to ensure that you are uploading a lot of images. Doing this increases your chances of getting paid. Your images have to be up to standard, and meet up to the specifications of the site.

3. Sell prints

This is a good way to make money especially if you are into nature and landscapes. If your images are good enough, you can sell them as prints online or in galleries. You can also set up your own gallery and sell them yourself.

You can frame your images and buy a stand to sell your images at crowded events. That way, your work will get more visibility and your chances of making a sale will be increased. You can also leverage on the online community. Lots of people search for art and other home decor items. List your prints on classified ad sites and have them delivered to your clients when you make a sale. This way, you can decide to wait until you have a buyer before you print and frame your work.

Another way to showcase your prints is to approach shop and restaurant owners. Make an agreement with them to display and sell your works on their walls. All you need to do is pay a little commission for the service, and you are good to go.

4. Become an assistant photographer

This is an excellent way to make money as a photographer while gaining experience. You can help a photographer who's working on a project or work as an intern in a local studio. Many photographers often need assistants to aid them on jobs. They will definitely be more than willing to pay for that extra help. It might be hard finding someone who will pay you a fair price, but don't give up. You might have to approach many local studios or professional photographers before you get accepted by one. But there are many benefits once you get accepted as you can both learn and earn.

5. Start a photography blog

Do you have a knack for writing? Starting a blog is an excellent idea for you. One great thing about it is that you can start a photography blog regardless of your preferred niche. So if you are very good at a particular niche, you can share your knowledge, ideas and experience easily while making money off of it.

To make money from your blog, you can be an affiliate marketer and sell photography related products on your blog. You can also offer paid content, place ads on your blog and write for other photography blogs.

6. Monetize your Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms for photographers. Your images are showcased in a grid format like a portfolio, and you get to share your images with countless people. If your images are good enough, chances are, you'll get approached by brands for paid advertising. You can also become a brand influencer if your followers are high enough. Instagram is also an ideal platform for affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate marketer and share links to sites where your followers can purchase the equipment you use. You can also advertise your photography and get clients directly form Instagram.

Any photographer would love to make money from their work. You may be a professional or an amateur, it doesn't matter. There is always a way to make money as a photographer. All you need to do is polish your skills well enough, and you are good to go. So don't be afraid. Get out there today and start earning!