Justice League vs Snyder Cut

Published on: October 19, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Justice League vs Snyder Cut
Justice League vs Snyder Cut

When most movie lovers are forced to compare movies, they are faced with the challenge of deciding which of both movies is better. In the case of The Justice League sequels, it's not about deciding which is better but about which is less cringey. This review is about Justice League vs Snyder Cut.

The original Justice League movie was released in 2017 to terrible reviews by critics, with a 40% rating on rotten tomatoes and a 45% rating on Metacritic. During its box office run, Justice League grossed 657 million dollars

Despite such terrible reviews by critics, one would wonder why Warner Bros went ahead to greenlight a remake of the same movie. Fans of the DC Universe put pressure on the studio to release Snyder's extended version of the movie after the screenwriter and director hinted that he had an original cut of the movie.

Snyder Cut was released in 2021 via streaming platform HBO max. Despite the added scenes, the only thing that was significantly different from the original version was the length. The four hours long movie was initially proposed as a mini-series but the idea was struck in favour of a full-length film.

Let's get into it: Justice League vs Snyder Cut

  • Length: While the original movie was just 2 hours 30 minutes long, the Snyder cut took a painful four hours to watch.
  • Script: Although there were no significant plot changes in both movies, there were slight additions to the latter film. While the Original movie gave us no insight into the origin stories of Justice League heroes like The Flash and Cyborg, The Snyder Cut dwelled a bit too much on them

The Snyder cut in my opinion contained a lot of unnecessary additions and theatrics, which led to the unreasonable length of the movie. An example is an opening scene which was just superman screaming across multiple continents for five minutes after being killed. Another time-wasting antics employed by the director was the use of the slow-mo effect at every given opportunity. 

 The Snyder cut also included a few clips of Darkseid who was omitted in the original movie. The dream scene was also added in Snyder's version, it shows Batman and The Joker relieving their age-long rivalry.

  • Graphics: The Snyder cut is definitely graphically better than the original version, a notable difference is the design of the villain Steppenwolf's costume. The Snyder cut also debuted Superman in the dark suit for the first time in the cinematic universe. 

While most people believe Snyder Cut was a better version of the Justice League, I believe it was still as terrible as the former. Zack Snyder should never direct a DC movie again. The DC cinematic universe needs to look to seasoned directors like Christopher Nolan who have previously done great jobs with the comics.

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