Importance of African Traditional Medicines

Published on: September 24, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

African Traditional Medicines areundeniably beneficial in treating diseases or maintaining good health. Humanity should be more accepting of African culture and not only depend on foreign medications for good health. We should be familiar and open to traditional and medicinal herbs because of their health benefits.

African Traditional Medicines

African traditional medicines can also be known as African herbs, they are medicinal plants of the African traditional healthcare system which has been in existence for years. These plants which are also known as herbs have been a key part of the continent’s traditional medicinal practices. It is one of the oldest and most assorted forms of healing in Africa but not well-known to the western world.

In some areas, traditional treatments are the main or only treatment that is used because they are, affordable and culturally accepted.

A famous American rapper, known as Meek Mill recently found out how beneficial African herbs are to one’s health. This occurred after he was cured with African Herb known as Kola nut and bitter kola commonly known to the Nigerian Yoruba culture as ‘agbo Jedi’. After this occurrence, he tweeted:

I took an African herb and it fixed my stomach like magic. Bitter kola nut changed my life....I feel like we”black people” need to be more educated about Africa!

Meek Mill

Humanity should be more educated on the health benefits of herbs, most especially African herbs, as they may be the solutions to the virus illnesses and diseases.

African herbs just might be what is needed to cure ‘Covid 19’, the deadly virus that has been a plague since the year 2019.

These herbs are easily accessible mostly in rural areas and they are one of the most affordable health resources available to African communities.

Uses of African traditional herbs

Medicinal plants known as African herbs have numerous uses, for example, it helps to cure illnesses and to prepare foods.

Below are some uses of African Traditional Herbs.

  • They are used as home remedies.
  • African Traditional Herbs are used as food spices and ingredients.
  • They are used as an antiseptic or disinfectant for household cleaning

Importance of African Traditional Medicines

To prevent diseases and illness: African herbs have been proven to cure illnesses and diseases such as mental issues, skin diseases, hair diseases, fever and flu, headaches, dental problems etc. These herbs can be taken orally, be in form of an ointment or cooked in meals for a great health benefit.

To prepare food: With African herbs, one can make food taste delicious, look attractive and lasts longer. As these herbs are used as spices to add flavour and colour to all types of meals, It is also used as a preservative.

As a repellent: African herbs are used to keep insects like mosquitoes away from either your home, your office or your store (shop).

Fatigue treatment: They also come in tea bags that can be taken to reduce fatigue and boost your energy.

As colorant: African Traditional Medicines (African herbs) have proven to be good for dying of fabrics and other materials.