How to Survive Long Flight

Published on: March 5, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

How to survive long flights
How to survive long flights

Even though travelling is fun, the thought of dealing with long flights isn't as fun as the entire experience of exploring new things. This is why you need to know how to survive long flights.

Whether you're travelling for a vacation, going to see your loved ones or travelling for a therapeutic reason, the part of the trip that never sounds interesting is dealing with the long flights. Imagine if you have to also deal with delayed flights amidst all of that. That's sounds tiring, I know. Well, there are a few things you can do to help you survive long flights. So, let me show you 6 tips to help you deal with long flights.

How to survive long flights

1. Take at least a day to rest before your flight

Take some time to relax before your flight

To prepare you for your long flights, take a day or perhaps a couple of hours to relax before your trip.

Here's the thing; you want to avoid being tired before the trip begins. Otherwise, you'd find yourself sleeping at the beginning of the trip while everyone else is active. And then when they are sleeping, you'd find yourself awake and bored.

Again, when you feel relaxed even before the trip commences, you'd enjoy the journey. You'd sleep when you should; be awake and active, making new friends perhaps, when everyone's still awake and up for that.

2. Prepare your flight kit when going on a long flight

You need your flight kit when going on a long flight

Your flight kit should include flight essentials that will help make your journey enjoyable. This kit should be packed with your hand luggage and personal items. This will make it easily accessible when you need the items in it.

A few items that should be included in your kit are; eye mask, neck pillow, noise-cancelling earphones, water bottle, snacks, face wipes, deodorant, game device, audiobooks, toothbrush, travel documents and other things you consider necessary to make your flight comfortable.

3. You need comfortable shoes for a long flight

Wear comfortable clothes if you have a long flight

Whether you are going on a long journey or not, the clothes you wear will go a long way in determining if you'll enjoy the trip or not. So, dress comfortably, especially if you're dealing with long flights. You're going to be tucked in your seat longer than you care to admit. So, be comfortable. Wear something that you can easily sleep in without feeling choked.

Also, don't forget to take your jacket or additional layers of clothes along, in case it gets cold.

4. Drink water in place of alcohol or soda

Drink water instead of alcohol or soda during your flight

To survive long flights, you need to stay hydrated.

You see, an aeroplane cabin gets drier as it flies at higher altitudes where moisture content is low. So, it becomes drier than most dessert at about 15 % humidity. This means that you are likely to get dehydrated. So, instead of opting for soda or alcohol, choose water to stay hydrated. Drinking alcohol or soda makes you dehydrated which can eventually lead to a headache. So, instead of drinking soda and alcohol, go for water.

I'm pretty sure you now know why you should include your water bottle in your flight kit.


5. Create a list of things to do on the flight

Create a list

To survive long flights and enjoy them to the best of your ability, then you need to be intentional about the entire trip.

For instance, create a list of things you hope to do while on the fight. You could plan to watch your favourite TV series, listen to an audiobook or podcast, play video games, learn the language of the city you're visiting if it's different from yours, watch some DIY videos, reflect on your career and goals, etc.

Creating a list of things to do will help you enjoy the trip and not feel bored the entire time.

6. Stretch and move around occasionally

Yes, you need to sleep and rest well to survive long flights, but it is also crucial to move around from time to time to improve blood flow. So, you can do some stretches around the aisle whenever you feel tired of sitting.

Now you know how to survive long flights. I wish you a safe trip!