How to survive first day at a new place - 9 tips

Published on: February 11, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

In this post, I will give you 9 tips on how to survive first day at a new place.

How to survive first day at a new place

A new place to you could be a new school, work place or even place of worship. When you get to a new place for the first time, you could feel nervous.

That could make you do things in a wrong way and then you mess up big time! Consequently, you may not like your first day at all.

Below are 9 tips on how to survive first day at a new place:

Show up early on your first day

Show up early on your first day
Show up early on your first day at a new place

On your first day at any new place, it is good to show up early. This sends a good signal to the people around you. This earns you a certain respect automatically and it is something no one will forget in a hurry. Who knows? It may be your stepping stone to the next level especially if it is your workplace.

Always ask for directions

It is only normal that you do not know every single place or building at your new place. You might then need to ask for directions. Though you may want to figure it out on your own, it is not advisable. It is sensible to ask for directions rather than grope around and then get lost or encounter worse in a new place. This helps you to avoid wasting time and energy. One who asks for directions never gets lost.

Give a good first impression to any new person you meet

To survive first day at a new place, be mindful of first impression because it matters a lot. It might be the only criteria a person might use to judge your character. Try as much as possible to give a good first impression irrespective of a person’s attitude towards you. You cannot underestimate how much this will help you.

Make friends on your first day at a new place

Make friends on your first day at a new place
Make friends on your first day

Extroverts generally may find this easier than introverts. If you are an introvert though, it should not bother you. So long as you are nice and friendly, someone will like you. This has an advantage. With a new friend, you can settle down in a new place easily. If you are the shy type and you do not have the nerve to ask questions, your friend can help. So try to make at least one friend on your first day.

Be ready to adapt to the new place

It is very possible that at your new place, things run a bit differently from what you are used to. To survive first day at a new place, you need to adapt. It could be the mode of greeting. It could also be the mode of dressing. It could just be something you did not even expect. The solution is this: relax and adapt. It may not be easy at first but with time, you will get used to it. This will make you feel part of the community and the people around will like you better for it.

Be on your best behaviour

On your first day, it pays to be on your best behaviour. Never forget your manners and courtesies. Be polite. You could even compliment another person’s outfit. Try helping someone who is in a fix. You know, just do things that will make the people around you interested in the ‘new person’.

Interact well with others on your first day at a new place

Interact with people on your first day at a new place
Interact with others

No man is an island. It will not do for you to stay away from others on your first day. Naturally, everyone around will want to keep away from you and you will not like that. So, interact with others. Be sociable. If you happen to be in a team, let that team spirit flow. Try to involve your fellow team members in whatever you are doing. Consider the opinions of others. Do not appear as an ‘I know it all’ person. It will send people away from you faster than you would believe. Have an attitude that will make people love being around you always.

Relax – do not try too hard

If you are out to impress the people around you, without caution, you may overdo it. You may wish to interact and then find yourself chattering non-stop due to nervousness. It should not be so. Do not be too eager or forward as that might put some people off. Just be modest about it. Modesty is the balance life needs.

Set boundaries early

This is a very important tip you should take note of. Some folks just feel they can take anyone for a ride. If you encounter such on your first day, it can be terrible. For introverts, you might want to keep to yourself. That is not the solution. If you do that, that person will be a constant thorn in your flesh. So, take your stance and set your boundaries as nicely as you can but firmly.
In between learning the ropes and trying to impress the people around you, your first day might be terrifying.

If you want to make sure you start things off on the right foot, follow the tips above. Then watch yourself take charge of your first day at a new place. If you follow these tips, you can survive first day at a new place, including school, work or wherever you happen to be showing up for the first time.

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