How to Make Your Boss Like You

Published on: January 25, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

How to make your boss like you
How to make your boss like you

In this post, I will show you how to make your boss like you without doing too much. Low key, everyone wants their boss to like them more. We want to be our boss' favorite. However, some people do more than others, so they try all manners of things. They are in their boss' face most of the time and try to act like the best employee of the year. Can we just call that eyeservice? Unfortunately for most of these people, they end up being a pain in the ass.

Perhaps you need to ask yourself why you'd want your boss to like you more. You see, the goal is to get close to your boss so that you can learn from them. They are your boss because they know certain things more than you. These things got them to their position and responsible for their success. So, your goal should be to learn and work. Do not try to get close to your boss so that he can promote you and you can earn more money. That wouldn't work. That's more like using your boss. Nobody likes to be used, and the moment they realize your intentions, the relationship becomes affected. So, start with your intentions.

Once you're done getting your intentions right, it's time to get your strategies right as well.

Below are 5 ways to make your boss like you without doing too much:

1. You can make your boss like you by making yourself indispensable

Be indispensable at work
Become indispensable at work

Your employer hired you for a reason. Well, spend all your days at the company showing to them that they couldn't have made a better decision. Be indispensable in your assignment. You want to go on a week's vacation leave, and everyone in your team can't wait to have you back at work. That's what it means to be valuable.

One mistake most people make is allowing their pay to determine how much work they should be putting into their jobs. Again, that's a wrong mindset. You need to be able to place value on some things that are a lot better than money. Offering a valuable service at your place of work is one of those things. In the end, you'll enjoy the benefits from it.

So, be indispensable. Offer valuable services and take up responsibilities.

2. You can make your boss like you by being able to solve problems on your own without your boss

Learn to solve problems on your own without your boss

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking assistance when you get stuck, it'll be dump to constantly trouble people for things that you could have easily done on your own. How about taking time to research and seek solutions to problems on your own?

Be the kind of employee that is known to tackle challenges on their own. Whenever you ask for help, everyone around you will be happy to give it to you because they know that you must have tried your best.

Besides, learning to solve problems on your own means that you are making the job easier for your boss. Who wouldn't like such an employee effortlessly?

3. Invest in your own development

Invest in your own developent
Invest in yourself

If you think that all the work, time, and energy you put into your work is all for the benefit of your boss, then you need to think again. Your knowledge and experiences go wherever you find yourself. They remain with you. So, investing in your own development for the sake of being better at your job isn't only serving your boss but yourself as well.

Every boss or employer would definitely fall in love with the staff who sees the need to develop themselves so that they can perform better at their jobs.

So, if you want your boss to like you, you've got to like yourself first by investing in you.

4. Learn how to communicate with your boss

Learn to communicate
Communication is vital in our day-to-day activities.

To make your boss like you, you've got to learn how to communicate with your boss. I'm not saying you should be a stalker or anything, I'm only saying you should learn to carry your boss along on your assignments and projects. Do not wait for your boss to ask. Keep your boss in the loop of things; whether it is by email, Slack, face-to-face meetings, etc.

Also, another part of communication is how you make your audience feel. Do people feel bad or respected after conversing with you? Your tone, body languages, and the likes go a long way. You could take a course or two in communication to help you become an effective communicator.

5. Stick to the rules of your workplace

Finally on this list of how 5 ways to make your boss like you is learning to obey your workplace rules. If you are to resume at the office at 9:00 am, then be there on or before 9: 00 am. If your workplace rule bans eating at your desk, then by every means possible, avoid it. Stick to your company rules. However, in a situation where you can't do or obey one or two of the rules, then notify the appropriate officers with genuine reasons.

Again, stay away from eyeservice and just be a person of value.