How to Host the Perfect Zoom Wedding

Published on: April 6, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

Considering that the idea of a Zoom wedding is new, it's okay to have little or no ideas on how to organize the perfect Zoom wedding. Well, I'll share with you a few tips to help you plan and host the perfect Zoom wedding.

How to host the perfect Zoom wedding - couple displayed on a laptop
Zoom wedding

What is a zoom wedding?

A Zoom wedding is a virtual or live-streamed wedding. It is a video platform that allows family and friends to tune in to be a part of your special event from any location that they are. Of course, Zoom wedding didn't use to be a thing until Coronavirus became a thing. Thanks to this brilliant technology, it's easier to stay safe, keep everyone else safe as well while giving them a chance to be a part of your wedding.

Zoom wedding

To host a zoom wedding, here are a few things that you will need.

  • A phone, tab, computer or any device that can be used for streaming
  • Ring light for lightning
  • A tripod stand

How to host the perfect zoom wedding:

1. Keep the guest list intimate

I know you probably want all your friends and family members on your guest list but you'd be making your Zoom wedding a little awkward that way. Instead, keep your guest list intimate. You see, when the group is so large, people can accidentally interrupt each other, conversations can overlap, leaving the ceremony a little disorganized. So, it'd help to create just a small group.  

2. Pick a beautiful location for your zoom wedding and decorate it nicely

That it is a virtual wedding doesn't mean you shouldn't make it look beautiful and nice. So, to start with, pick the right location and have it decorated to look incredibly beautiful on video. You don't necessarily have to pick anything too fancy or expensive. All you need to do is make it look beautiful.

For instance, if you have a spacious and beautiful backyard, you could host your Zoom wedding there as long as you decorate it nicely.

Also, picking the right time of the day for your Zoom wedding is important if you don't want people missing out on the event.

3. Set up your Zoom meeting ID and keep it secure

Set your meeting ID ahead of time and send it out to your guests. Most importantly, ensure you keep it secure. Don't share it on your wedding website or anywhere public. Here's the thing; bots can easily crawl into the internet in search of meeting IDs to hack. So, once you're done setting up your ID, it's advisable to send the meeting information to your guest via email.

4. Send a detailed invitation for your zoom wedding

Alongside the meeting information that you'd be sending to your guests should be a detailed invitation to your Zoom wedding so that they know what to expect.

The details of the invitation should cover the date, the time, the RSVP, the dress code (if you want one), if you want them to get a specific photograph ready as the background picture, or if you want them to get their glass and a bottle of wine to join in the celebratory toast, etc.

Also, if you have a script for your ceremony that you'd like to share with your guest, send it out alongside the invitation.

5. Don't forget to mute all the guests during the ceremony

Unless you intend to interact with your guests directly, consider muting them to avoid disruptions or interruptions during the event. As the host of the Zoom call, you can "mute all participants" and unmute them when you want them to talk, applaud, or anything else. When you mute all, you can further choose the option that doesn't all participants of the call not to unmute themselves. That way, you are in control of the call. 

6. Have a plan and rehearse it a day before

To make your Zoom wedding the best virtual wedding experience for both you and your guests, it'd help to have a good plan of the turns of the event and if possible, rehearse it a day before. Also, check through technical issues, set up your camera properly, ensure that there are adequate cell service and hotspots in the location to avoid interruptions.

Also, create a beautiful playlist for the wedding and have it ready before the wedding day.

7. Keep your zoom wedding short

Finally, keep the ceremony short, say 30-45 minutes. Otherwise, your guests will get bored and begin to leave the meeting. So, even if you have to give a heartfelt speech or vote of thanks, keep it brief so that everyone can have fun.