How to Choose a Spiritual Mentor: Checklist

Published on: February 18, 2021 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

How to choose a Spiritual Mentor

How to choose a spiritual mentor - the checklist
Checklist for choosing a Spiritual Mentor

We all need to have a spiritual mentor at one point or another in our lives. Choosing a spiritual mentor can be spiritually, emotionally and even mentally tasking. There are many spiritual leaders that seem like good options but beyond their eloquence in public, there’s so much more to look out for.

Below are, in no particular order, some important things to tick “checked” when you want to choose a spiritual mentor:

1. Their Results

Every man is a product of his thoughts, words and actions. Does who they are reflect what they preach? Do they daily practice what they teach people? If the answer is ‘yes’, how much impact do they have in their immediate environment? Your Spiritual mentor should have a great level of tangible societal impact. Their results can primarily be measured by the number of lives they have touched positively around them. If there are none, I permit you to look away.

2. Experience of the spiritual mentor

People who are babies in the Spirit have little or nothing to offer. It will take an extent of growth to be able to mentor or guide people. Make sure your option is mature with a body of knowledge and evidences of Spiritual burdens to show for it. Amazingly, their experiences might just be needed for a phase in your life; there’s no mentorship for life. Their experiences and in-depth knowledge of God should have stretched them enough to accommodate you and your worries.

3. Character

Character of the spiritual mentor

Character is very crucial! Your potential mentor is first a man before he became a man of God and as such is prone to errors. Notwithstanding, they should not be of questionable character. Before you choose a spiritual mentor, consider their character. Look out for someone who also has a mentor and is constantly advised and is obedient. Also, is he/she approachable? You don’t want to have a mentor you will be scared to tell your flaws because you’re avoiding some depressing scolding. How high is their level of integrity, confidentiality and humility? Look out for someone you can trust, someone who is holy even in communication.

4. Your convictions

Choosing a spiritual mentor

When you want to choose a spiritual mentor, your convictions have a role to play too. Is he/she someone you can obey? Do you share similar beliefs? Do you have spiritually sponsored doubts about them? It is important that you put aside your emotions when choosing a spiritual mentor; but in any case, never push aside your instincts. As much as they should be available and willing to guide you, you should also be willing and love them enough to be guided by them.

Truth is some so called mentors can become opportunistic and manipulative over time. Know when to retreat. If their criticisms are never constructive but embarrassing, please run.

Generally, I have heard stories of spiritual mentors enslaving their mentees emotionally and otherwise. In same vein, I’ve experienced wonderful mentorship from well aligned individuals. In all, forget about his or her inadequacies like net worth, educational background and the likes. In making your choice, focus on the strength of their faith, their pool of knowledge and the strength of their character. Finally, pray to God about it and He will reveal!