How to Attract Rich Clients in Nigeria

Published on: June 8, 2022 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

In Nigeria, hoping to have rich clients or customers is one thing and successfully reaching them is another. Therefore, we developed a guide on how to attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria.

How to attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria

No doubt, businesses are created with the hope of reaching the right audience. When I mean ‘right audience,’ this includes rich clients or customers. Who wouldn’t want their service to attract wealthy people who can greatly afford it? In addition, they also refer you to their wealthy friends or colleagues. 

Below are tips on how to attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria:

1. Be the best at what you do

Regardless of the service you render, quality should always supersede every other thing. Rich clients or customers would never waste money on what they believe isn't worth it. Therefore, make sure you are an expert at whatever you do. Even average people who see the value of your work could refer you to rich clients or customers.

Therefore, make sure your work stands out among others. In other words, if you are a fashion designer or even a cobbler, make sure prospective clients see your uniqueness. So, if they have twenty businessmen to choose from, your quality, uniqueness, and creativity would make you the first choice.

2. Locate prospective rich clients or customers physically

Another way to get attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria is by getting on your feet and locating them. Nothing is better than having a physical meeting with these rich clients or customers. Now you probably ask yourself, ‘how do I locate them?’ You can locate them by attending influential gatherings. Get yourself a ticket to any gathering hosted by influential people. 

When you are part of a gathering, try introducing yourself to some people. While you do this, make sure you take the best of your work with you (see step 3 below). Be informed that some people might not give you a chance, but don’t stop until you are satisfied. Make sure you follow up nicely for those who give you a chance.

3. Create an attractive business profile with a portfolio

Another tip on how to attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria is by using a networking platform to show prospective clients or customers your business portfolio. Word of mouth is not enough to promote your business. You can create a networking profile on Scrollforth and share it with your clients.

Scrollforth has simple-to-use widgets that allow you to create a business portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of pictures, documents, videos, and other visual projects that exhibit your previous works or project. So whenever you have the opportunity to tell a prospective client about your business, seize that opportunity to share your Scrollforth business profile or portfolio with them. That way, the client can easily peruse your previous projects and this can significantly increase your chances of being patronized by the prospective clients.

The easy sharing feature of a Scrollforth business profile also means that they can share your profile with their other rich friends or colleagues.

4. Request for referrals

It can be difficult to find wealthy customers on your own, but quality introductions become accessible once you do. Socialization tends to take place among the rich. Therefore, whenever you render a service to rich people, make sure you ask that they refer you to other people. As mentioned before, rich people have a social network of influential people. This can be a great way to attract other rich clients and customers.

5. Be prepared to spend to attract rich clients or customers

Another great tip on how to attract rich clients or customers in Nigeria is the readiness to spend money. If you want your business to reach rich clients and customers fast, then you should be ready to pay people. There are a lot of popular Nigerian influencers with great connections that can do the job for you. Once you are ready to spend money, they will help with your brand promotion and marketing. 

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