How to Achieve All Your Goals

Published on: December 24, 2020 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

At the end or start of every year, we set goals that we call new year resolutions, but most times, at the end of the year, we find out that we barely achieved them. Sometimes, we even lose sight of those goals, making them impossible to pursue, let alone achieve.

How to achieve all your goals
How to achieve all your goals

Let’s talk about your goals. Do you have them already? If you do, how do you intend to achieve them? What’s your strategy?

Okay, don’t be too hard on yourself right now. What’s important is to learn how to achieve our goals, not to feel bad about whether we used to get it right in the past or not.

Yes, we all have different goals because we all want different things, which means that different strategies will work for different goals. However, when it comes to achieving one’s goals, certain principles are required, and we are about to find out those principles so that we can achieve all our goals.

How to Achieve All Your Goals

1. Have clarity of purpose

Have clarity of purpose

The processes involved in achieving any goal can be challenging, and if you don’t have a good enough reason for wanting it, in the first, place, then you’re likely to give up on it, sooner than later.

So, the first thing to do when setting your goals is to get clear on why you want to achieve them.

For instance, let’s assume one of your goals is to lose weight. If you don’t have a good enough reason to do it, you will most likely not do so by the end of the year because the journey to losing weight is a pretty tough one.

To help you set an achievable goal, try the SMART-goal setting technique.

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Realistic
T- Timely

Here’s an example to consider.

Let’s say Jane wants to lose weight, and she writes in her journal, I want to lose weight.
Again, let’s consider Zanetta, who also wants to lose weight, and writes something like this; I want to lose 16 kg of extra body fat between January 1st – April 31st.

Which of both ladies is likely to achieve their goals? Zanetta will, right? Why?

Zanetta’s goal is pretty Specific (16 kg), Measurable (January-April), Attainable (16 kg isn’t too much weight to lose in 4 months), Realistic (with the right diet and exercise, it is possible to lose 16 kg in 4 months), Timely (she has a deadline that she’s working towards).

2. Create a routine around your goals

Once you’ve set a smart and clear goal, then it’s time to create the right habit to help you achieve those goals.

Do you know why you went to school every weekday, resumed and closed at a set time set of the day? Simple! It’s to build a routine that will help you succeed at that activity. When you do it for about 3-6 months, you become so used to it that it becomes strange not to do that same activity anymore.

In creating a routine for your goals;

3. Create an agenda

Create an agenda

What activities are needed to help you achieve your goals? For instance, in the case of losing weight, you have to eat healthily and exercise daily. If starting a business is yours, it means you have to train yourself by reading and researching a lot on business growth, sales, branding, etc.

  • Stick to the same time

The same way you went to school between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm every day, you need to set a time for your new routine, whether for daily workouts, study time, healthy meal prep, etc.

  • Stick to it for three months

According to research, it takes 66 days to form a new habit loop in your brain. So, try sticking to your new routine for the next three months till you no longer have to consciously remind yourself about it. It becomes a part of you.

4. Focus your mind on your goals daily

If you are going to achieve your goals, then you need to devote enough time and attention to them.

To start with, write it down and paste it where you can see it every day. Also, review your goals from time to time to track your progress.

You can choose one day of the week to visualize and review your goals, to remind yourself of your commitment to them.

5. Create a plan for your goals

Create a plan for your goals
Create a plan for your goals

Every goal needs a plan. What’s yours?

How do you plan to deal with challenges? What’s your bounce-back strategy if you fall along the line? What set of people do you need to achieve these goals? Where can you find them, and how can you connect with them? Do you need money to achieve your goals? How do you intend to get it?

All of these should be in your plan. Having a strategy that touches on all these will help you achieve your goals by the end of the year.

6. Take action

Now, we have the goals, we have our routines, and we have an elaborate plan. What’s left? It’s time to take action. As long as you have all these in place, chances are that you’ll achieve your goals, so go for it!

I wish you a great year!