How the tortoise got a cracked shell

How the tortoise got a cracked shell

Published on: March 11, 2024 (Updated on: April 22, 2024)

A long time ago, in a green African forest, there lived a clever tortoise named Ijapa. He had a beautiful, smooth shell. Unlike other animals, Ijapa loved to play tricks and often got into trouble.

One day, Ijapa heard about a big party that the birds were planning in the sky. Everyone in the forest was talking about it, especially about the yummy food to be served. Ijapa, who loved food, wanted to go to the party too. But Ijapa had a big problem; he could not fly.

Determined not to miss this feast, Ijapa devised a cunning plan. He approached the birds and said, "Dear friends, wouldn't it be lovely if someone from the ground was present at your feast? I could attend and tell everyone on the ground how amazing your feast was."

The birds agreed and thought it was an excellent idea. They crafted wings for Ijapa from feathers and wax. Ijapa was ecstatic. He was finally going to taste the food he had always dreamt about.

The day of the feast came. As the birds and Ijapa soared up into the sky, Ijapa was cautioned, "Remember, if you talk while we are in the sky, you'll fall." Ijapa nodded in agreement, his mind focused on the delectable feast awaiting him.

The feast was more splendid than Ijapa had imagined. He greedily ate, forgetting the warning about talking. His belly full, Ijapa boasted loudly, "I have eaten more than any bird here!" The birds gasped, and as predicted, Ijapa plummeted from the sky.

Down on the ground, all the animals watched in horror as Ijapa fell. The solid thump echoed throughout the forest when he landed, causing his beautiful shell to crack into many pieces. The animals rushed to his aid, but despite their efforts, they could not restore Ijapa's shell to its former glory.

From that day onwards, Ijapa bore a cracked shell as a stark reminder of his foolishness and greed. The sight of his fractured shell served as a lesson to all the other animals in the forest.

Moral of the Story:

The story teaches us not to allow our greed or arrogance to put us in danger. Furthermore, it emphasizes the importance of listening to advice and warnings, as disregarding them can lead to unpleasant consequences. In life, it's essential to stay humble and avoid getting into situations beyond our abilities.



Michael Akerele